Step Aside Tiger – It’s Eye of The Panda Slot’s Turn to Rock!

Have you heard about Hacksaw’s new game that’s part chill, part agro, where you can win up to €250,000?

It’s called Eye of the Panda slot, and let me tell you, it’s like my bubble gum, grunge-pop dreams came to life!

It’s like someone stuck my Pinterest Board into a slot machine, and out popped a pretty unexpected, but ultra-cool storyline. Yeah, a chef panda turned into a big-guns bouncer.

It’s the kind of game that knows how to appeal to the new generation of slot spinners, staying away from the usual ‘old’ stuff with a ten-foot pole. I’m into it! Will you be?

Not the Eye of the Tiger

I’d be remiss to talk about this Hacksaw slot without making mention of the Eye of the Tiger, because, what, was I born under a rock? Hey, it’s not entirely implausible, let’s be honest – sometimes my brain functions on the same level as Patrick Star.

Basically, you don’t need to be Steven Hawkins to deduce that there’s a pull of inspiration somewhere here from the legendary Survivor song, and popular saying, about killer focus and determination. It’s so fitting for a game like this where there’s much to lose and much to gain!

And I guess tigers and pandas come from the same place, China, so there’s that. Whatever the connection, Eye of the Panda slot has got my full attention.


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Wanna party in a wild cascades club?

This 96.26% RTP slot invites us to an underground club for midnight desserts – because this is apparently the life of a bouncer-chef. I guess it depends on what the desserts are…

If it’s Super Cascades and Wild Panda Multipliers, then I’m down! These are some of the features in this game.

Super Cascades, like most Cascading/Tumbling Reel mechanics, removes symbols belonging to a win, making room for new ones to drop down for an extra shot at creating combos.

The Wild Panda Multipliers are the “reel” stars of the show as Hacksaw put it, as they carry multiplier values up to x10. You can land multiple multipliers on a winline, and could see a win of 100,000x if you’re insanely lucky.


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Never say no to Panda!

This is the name of one of the Bonus Games in Eye of the Panda slot. The other is called Jumping Pandas, and they are as exciting as they sound! No bear-brawling intimidation here.

Never Say No to Panda kicks off with 10 free spins, and a Panda Collector on the side of the reel area. Here, they’re stored until a winning combo forms on the reels, after which the Panda Wilds get back in the game along with the multipliers they carry.

Jumping Pandas also starts with 10 free spins where the Wild Panda Multipliers jump around the reels between every cascade and every new spin. You can just imagine the kind of wins you can rack up here. Here’s how I did…


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Step aside tiger, Panda’s taking over!

Hacksaw did a number here, and they also did a number after this one too with their blood-sucking Immortal Desire slot – check it out!

Eye of the Panda slot is medium volatility, so that’s a breath of fresh air, and it comes with Buy Bonus options, BonusHunt FeatureSpinsTM, Panda-licious FreatureSpinsTM, and of course, the provider’s signature classic, the HoppersTM feature.

With all this kickass gameplay, big wins, and awesome graphics, I wouldn’t wait to give this game a spin!