Take the Plunge in Ocean’s Treasures Slot

The ocean floor is teeming with golden riches and long-lost treasures that have sunken to the watery depths over the ages. But the treacherous octopus keeps guard over the plunder, fighting off those who seek to reclaim his fortune by hiding his hoard deep inside a coral reef.

Not even the bravest of ocean explorers have been able to locate his stockpile of treasure – until now! Zillion Games has found his den in the new Ocean’s Treasures slot and they’ve opened the door, and now it’s time for you to dive right in and snatch the octopus’s score.

Hold your breath – we’re diving deep for the dough this time around.

Get the bucks bubbling from the reels!

Zillion Games is a new provider with BitStarz and we have to say, we like their style. The layout is stunningly designed to match the theme with animated bubbles dividing the symbols on the 5 watery reels.

The symbols are made up of A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 as minor symbols; and a clam, a starfish, a blowfish, a clownfish, and a lionfish (the scary-looking one) as majors. When the symbols zoom down the reels to take their prepositions it’s like an explosion of color on the screen.


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The game has 10 straightforward paylines and you’ll need at least 3 identical symbols on a line to catch a payout with a 94.67% RTP that should keep the wins swimming in often enough.

You also have a Wild jellyfish which not only substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter but also awards a decent payout when 2 or more land on a line. But bigger wins are swimming around these waters, and they can be found in the 2 thrilling bonus games, so let’s go catch them.

Ride the tides with the turtles for multiplier free spins!

Remember the part in Finding Nemo when he hitches a ride in the ocean currents with the turtles? Maybe not. Either way, here’s YOUR chance to catch a ride to the riches by landing 3 or more turtle Scatters anywhere on the reels, resulting in 10 free spins.

Even though the 10 free spins are enough to get you a little closer to the octopus’s treasure hoard, this exciting feature game has another bonus that could see the high volatility taking you by surprise with a whale of a win.


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All payouts during free spins will come with a 2x multiplier, meaning you’ll be winning twice as much as you would in the base game with all the same features. You wanted big money so here it is! By now the octopus is shaking in all 8 of his boots – he knows you’re getting close to the mega loot!

The next bonus game is where you come face-to-face with the guardian of the ocean’s untold treasures and he’s got his tentacles wrapped around the riches like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s see how you can snatch the goods from under his…uh… does he even have a nose?

Which treasure chest will end the quest?

Landing 3 or more octopus Scatter symbols will trigger the pick-a-prize bonus game where the 8-legged treasure hoarder keeps his most prized possessions. The reels will vanish and 5 treasure chests will appear with the octopus standing guard.


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You’ll have the opportunity to pick 1 treasure chest after the other to reveal credit prizes with each pick. This will continue until you pick an empty treasure chest which will end the bonus game and you’ll be taken back to the base game for some more reel-spinning action.

You can expect some epic wins during this bonus, that’s for sure. And if you manage to ride it out long enough without picking an empty chest, you’ll be leaving the octopus broke and clueless as to where his beloved treasures have disappeared to – just what he deserves!

Get your tentacles on the Ocean’s Treasures today!

Someone needs to put this octopus in his place and reclaim the treasure that he’s been hiding for all these years. And if it’s going to be you, you better make haste and head for Ocean’s Treasures slot today before the octopus gets wind of the plan. Now, wetsuit up and take the dive – you’ve got some deep-sea plundering to do!