The 3 Secret Cities Slot Is a Whole New Ballgame – Don’t Miss It

For those of you that enjoy a good adventure, we hope you are prepared to take on the latest release from one of our new partners, 4 The Player. You may think you have seen it all but once you step into the jungle of the 3 Secret Cities slot, you will quickly realize you haven’t seen anything like this before.

There is a ton of cash to be made here once you earn the respect of the powerful Aztec tribe. The game is all about the Temple Free Spins bonus round which is where you will be fully exposed to all of the secret cities in a 3 level bonus feature. The Bonus Up feature will help you advance to bigger and better prices.

Trust your gut in a pick ‘n click game and put the free spins to the test and if you get tired of waiting, pull the trigger on the buy feature and face the action head on!

Put on a performance for the ages and the €250,000 max win can be in your luggage on your way home.

Take Your Time

Your journey to success will go through 5 reels and 1,024 paylines. We understand if you have to take a minute to absorb everything that is going on on the screen because this game has stunning graphics.

The power is oozing through the screen when you see the respect demanded by both the explorer and Aztec warrior, which is the highest valued symbol. Add to that a black panther and incredible jewelry and you have yourself a party.


Play Now

There is a lot more than €250,000 to pick up in this part of the jungle so pay attention. A 96.50% RTP and medium/high volatility only adds to the excitement in your hunt for the big bucks and with a 50,000x on the loose, anything goes.

Find the 3 Cities and the Gold

Let’s go straight for the jugular and focus on the big bad bonus feature, shall we. The Temple Free Spins bonus is your main target and with the unique Bonus Up feature attached, the more you play the more you can win.

The 3 secret cities you are trying to find are: Jungle CIty, Lake City and Gold City. When you hit scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5, you’ll trigger the free spins in the city you’re currently in. Should you only land a scatter on reels 1 and 3, you will either get a 50x cash payout or progress to the next city.

Keep a check on your progress by clicking on the panel at the top which will open up the map.

When the Free Spins Are Triggered

After your 3 scatters have landed, you will be facing the Temple Pick. Your task will be to pick one block, one row at a time.

The chosen block will reveal one of the following:

  • Free spins
  • Multiplier
  • A super stacked symbol
  • An “X”, meaning your run has ended and the free spins will begin.

Play Now

Whatever you manage to scrape together will help your free spins and your movement on the map. We don’t need to tell you to make the right picks to maximize your chances of winning big because with a bit of luck you can cash in on 50 free spins, 15x multiplier and a 50,000x win. Boom!

Too Eager to Wait

Ok, we get it. The bonus round sounds way too exciting for you to wait for all the scatters to arrive. Lucky for you, there’s the buy feature, where you can actually pick which of the 3 cities you want to go to.

If you want to head straight for the Gold City, the price for admission is 200x your stake.

Also, you may want to know that if you choose to use the buy feature, the RTP will actually increase to an even better 98%. Nice!

The Wow Factor Is There

We told you the 3 Secret Cities slot is a whole new experience! The wow factor is definitely there and we can’t stress enough how much fun the bonus feature can be.

Channel your inner Indiana Jones and have yourself a great day on the reels!