The Epic Experience of Origins of Lilith Slot Shall Set You Free!

Once known as the dreadful first wife of Adam some say Lilith has wandered the earth for over 4,000 years. The name derives from the Sumerian word for female demons and as she is described by many as a sexually frustrated but infertile female with poison in her breasts instead of milk, you know she was a bad B. She has graced the reels a few times over the years and in Spinomenals latest release, the Origins of Lilith slot, she is back on the reels with a vengeance!

Do you have what it takes to stand your ground against the seductive temptress, looking to wrap your around her little pinky? Give it a shot and don’t hold back as there is a ton of cash to be made.

Burn Baby Burn

The fiery stage is set with 5 reels and 25 paylines and the dark, mystical atmosphere is set once you first press the spin button. Watch the reels spin and symbols catching fire as you play along, captivated by the stunning graphics. As the wins keep piling up, you’ll get a better idea of the potential that lies in the hands of Lilith.


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How to Make the Most of out the Bonus Features

If you are looking to cash in on extra features then you have come to the right place as there are plenty to go around that will help you get yourself a nice payday.

Double Symbols Only – Don’t get spooked when the words “double symbols only” come flying across your screen. When this happens, get ready to see double as all the symbols on the reels will appear as two.


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Buy Feature – If you don’t want to sit around and wait for your scatters to fall into place, you can choose to buy your way to the free spins. It will cost you 38 times your bet but a shortcut is a shortcut and sometimes it can really pay off!

Spin Your Way to 40 Free Spins

Free Spins – In a lot of cases, landing 3 free spins symbols isn’t overly excited and the spins aren’t even that special but that is not the case with Lilith. Land the symbols and you are off to spin the wheel that will determine your free spin faith. You can get up to 40 flaming free spins which will really have the account balance shoot through the roof. A medium symbol will also be chosen and this will appear as the double symbol making the spins even more exciting.


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She Is a Keeper

This is a fantastic slot and regardless of her reputation, Lilith will deliver time and time again. With epic features, symbols catching fire and the devilish payouts, it’s no wonder she has wandered the earth for so long. She’s a keeper and it’s a definite yes from us!