Swing the Sword and Get the Gold in These Gladiator Battle Slots

In a few weeks, it’s once again time for the Oscars, where the golden statues will be handed out to the best of the best in Hollywood. One of the most successful movies over the years was Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe. We all want to be tough badasses like the character Maximus, but for the majority of us, it’s best to act this out in the safe zone on the other side of a screen. We definitely belong to that category so here are some sword-swinging slots in the name of Gladiator.

Join us on the battlefield and let’s put on a show for the Colosseum by showing our skills and take home a bunch of shiny gold coins!

Gladiators Go Wild – iSoftBet

We suggest you dim your lights and turn up the sound for this bad boy. Transport yourself to a fully packed Colosseum and feel the adrenaline start pumping as the stacked wilds put on a show of power in Gladiators Go Wild slot. iSoftBet really sets the tone with the soundtrack and when these ancient fighters cover the entire wheel, you are in for something extra and multiple stacks can lead to some pretty outstanding winning combos. Sharpen your sword because this slot packs a real punch!


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Gladiator – BetSoft

With the closest resemblance to the Russell Crowe standout movie, Gladiator slot holds nothing back. The drums in the background set the vibe in the arena for the Romans version of the biggest UFC fight imaginable. There is no tapping out in life, for us or the gladiators. This slot is filled with features flexing their muscles. You may witness the hero vs the villain fighting it out, pick your symbols and win money in the mini-game or watch the pretty princess sprinkle rose petals on the symbols below and turn them wild. Whatever you set out to conquer, you will be paid accordingly in this game.


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Gladiators – Endorphina

Who are we to say humans are the only ones with gladiators and fighting arenas? We were probably not even the first ones turning to this sort of battle for entertainment, so Endorphina might introduce us to the frontrunners in their Gladiators slot. This battle is performed on the ocean floor and these gladiators hold nothing back. Armed with fish hooks, nets and even sharks, they are here to fight for the gold. Catch up to 50 re-triggerable free spins with multipliers and pay tribute to the gladiators of the sea.


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Wild Gladiators – Pragmatic Play

The Roman Empire was known for their riches and how cool is it that you can get your hands on some of it? To be honest, spinning the reels of Wild Gladiators slot will get you a lot more than that. The combination of a ton of free spins and constant multipliers with each win making you feel like it’s your birthday over and over. We must admit that from the first glance when we saw the emperor looking like Ashton Kutcher, we thought about turning our back to this game. Man, are we happy we didn’t! It is fun watching gold being thrown your way and you need to get in on it.


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Epic Gladiators – EvoPlay Entertainment

There are the gladiators with the brute power that we are used to seeing and then there are others. Epic Gladiators slot is a prime example that just like any other life form, these guys come in all shapes and sizes. The weapons and armor are the same but these characters are of different stature. Regardless of their miniature demeanor, Kilevius, Maximus, Crixus and Spintacus are here to make you get that cash by swinging their swords and getting you the big wins!


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We Have a Winner!

Wow, that was one hell of a list! We really seem to know how to handle a sword. Gladiators of all sorts have once again proven to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s nice to see that hard work pays off and for all the work we put into spinning these reels we sure were happy to see all the coins that can be made. Great slots and great wins have made us reconsider getting a gym membership so that we can take steps towards looking more like them. That, or we can just keep spinning the reels from the couch. It’s probably 50/50 at this point.