The Lost Diamond – Level Up: Where the Prizes Are Wild!

Hakuna Matata – what a wonderful phrase!

Wanna know what’s more wonderful? €70,000 in prizes. That’s what. And you can grip them right here, at BitStarz, because The Lost Diamond – Level Up is live and ready to take you on a pretty exciting ride for riches.

We really think you’ll like it. It’s set in the African Savannah – full of adventure, risk, rewards, and big wins. Plus, if you beat Level 41, you’ll be the proverbial king of the jungle, €20,000 in cash richer. And helping you get there is your very own €50,000 prize pool.

This safari doesn’t stop ‘till 12 May 2023, so let’s get wild 😉

Like the Lion King – but with huge prizes

BitStarz Casino really goes all out with its Level Up promotions. They’ve taken us to some cool and magical places over the years, and the theme of ‘The Lost Diamond’ is no different.

In this roaring adventure, there are the usual 40 levels to pass, with a “bonus” level to beat. Level 41 gives everyone the opportunity to bag €20,000 in cold, hard, cash – not only the player who gets there first.

Players will wander around the sunny and serene planes of Africa, surrounded by wildlife, all while collecting progress prizes along the way. But keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times – volcanoes (and giraffes) can be dodgy.

Prepare for purgatory, players, because you’ll be venturing through the carcass-ridden Badlands too, to reach the end. See… It’s wild!


Here’s how to “find” the Lost Diamond

Spoiler Alert: The Lost Diamond in The Lost Diamond – Level Up isn’t lost at all… It’s there, at Level 41, and to reach it (and pass levels), all you need to do is play your favorite BitStarz games with real money bets.

Unfortunately, bonus money bets do not count towards the promotion, and will not have you migrating across the progress bar like you wanna be.

Making the whole safari experience all that more sensational are the prizes you’ll win after each level is complete – like Free Spins, and lots and lots of money to claim to use to play with.

This Level Up is very Hakuna Matata!

Without risk, there’s no reward right? At BitStarz you can get your hands on €70,000 in individual prizes without having to face down lions, rhinos and the most aggressive of them all – penguins.

The Lost Diamond – Level Up promotion is ready to take you on a safari for riches right now, until 12 May 2023.

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