Warning – the Gold Digger Slot Is as Explosive as They Come!

We hope you are ready for some serious explosions and dangerously deep, underground action! Our good friend Gus doesn’t hold back one bit when he is on the hunt for the glorious gold he holds so dearly, and the only place he can find it is in one of his raggedy old caves. He will reveal it all in the spectacular Gold Digger slot and we hope you are there to see it. Is it dangerous? Yes. Can you find and pocket large amounts of gold? Most definitely!

You need to be a little crazy in order to throw sticks of dynamite in a cave but no matter how crazy he is, Gus sure knows how to find that gold. He has had a few close calls with the dynamite over the years which is the reason his hat looks like swiss cheese.

Set your explosives, take cover and get your hands on the €246,900 max win!

Let Gus Lead the Way to the Gold

The cave that Gus once built hasn’t been taken care of and is in pretty poor shape. You should be able to find 5 reels and 20 paylines down there, so let’s hope it’s all still intact. Since iSoftBet is behind this adventure we would say it should be safe enough to start spinning.

Let the sounds from the banjo hold your hand while you head below ground to enter the construction. You will have everything you need in terms of mining such as the pickaxe, lantern, Gus himself and a mining cart to transport all your gold.


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Expect Random Features

Just like Gus believes the ground is packed with gold, the slot itself is packing some serious bonus features. You can expect three of them to appear at random but since they get the job done, it doesn’t really matter how they appear.

  • Random Wilds – Gus loves throwing sticks of dynamite and they can give you 3-5 wilds.
  • Gold Nugget – The pickaxe can transform symbols into gold nuggets. Nice!
  • Upgrade – When the TNT goes off it will upgrade symbols for a potentially bigger win.

How to Get the Big Bucks

You didn’t take all this risk for some loose change so to get the big bucks you need to get to the Gold Link Respins feature. This is triggered by landing 5 or more of the gold nuggets. When this is done, take a ride over to the bonus reels where the real action awaits.

Three spins will start you off and every time you land anything on the reels, the count will reset to three. You will see that each nugget has a cash prize attached to it and when your bonus round is over, the total value of all nuggets will be added up for you to take home.

This might seem pretty simple but we are talking about crazy Gus and he is greedy and won’t return unless he finds a ton of gold. For that reason alone, he has made sure there are some helpers available to you so that you can also strike big!

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Along with golden nuggets, you can also land gems of various colors and when you land 3 of them, this is what you have to look forward to.

  • Reels Boosted – Blue gems will unlock another row, meaning extra chances for bigger wins.
  • Values Boosted – Green gems will increase the value on all the nuggets you’ve landed.
  • Spins+ Boosted – Red gems will increase your maximum number of spins.
  • Multiplier Boosted – Purple gems increases the multiplier level up to 10x.

More Adventure Awaits

What an adventure! Gus is as crazy as they get but he knows his way around the caves and can sniff out gold. If you are looking for more fun slots to play or even more wins then head over to the BitStarz game lobby or check out Slot Wars for a piece of the €5,000!