Crank up the Sound and Your Wins in Sonic Reels Slot!

Crank up the bass, treble and the master sound as we’re heading to the fruitiest rave the planet has ever seen. Featuring the best rave tunes, the biggest wins and the most control over your gameplay, Sonic Reels slot is giving you the chance to become a crazy rich slot player!

Wazdan is turning up the tunes, so spin the reels, get your 5 a day and rave the night away in Sonic Reels!

Turn up the Tunes for Bigger Wins!

Most of the world is now starting to emerge from lockdown, and many of us are going to head straight to the next rave that’s happening. Fortunately for you, it’s happening right here at BitStarz, and all you need to do is spin the reels to have the best night of your life. Sonic Reels is filled with fruity symbols and it gives you total control over your wins. Featuring Wazdan’s trademark volatility toggle, you can swap between low volatility, medium volatility and high volatility – adjusting your win potential at the same time.

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As you’re swapping your volatility to help you win big, you can also adjust the speed of play, ranging from slow as a turtle, to speedy like a hare and as ultra-fast as a race horse. If this wasn’t enough control over your gaming experience, you can even gamble up your wins. On any win, simply hit the gamble button and you will be taken to a bonus mode where you have to pick a controller. Pick the right controller and you’ll set the tunes to the perfect volume. Pick the wrong one and you’ll blow the speakers and your win – so be careful!

Free Spins is Better at 240 BPM

Get ready for the rave of your life, free spins mode is just getting started and it’s cranking up the tempo once more. Landing three or more free spins will trigger this bass-kicking event, so hold onto your hat. You can get up to 25 free spins right off the bat, but you can trigger free spins mode over and over again by collecting more scatters. The speaker bonuses can be used in free spins mode, so double bonus if you can activate those during free spins.

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Push Those Symbols with Your Bass!

Crank up the bass and shake those symbols so much that they slide from side to side. Collect five red speaker fruits to trigger the left speaker bonus and collect five free speaker fruits to trigger the right speaker bonus. The left bonus will push any winning combos one reel to the right, helping you accumulate mega wins. Each time you push the symbols over, the multiplier will increase. The right speaker bonus will detect a potential winning payline and push those symbols all the way to the left, helping you win more often. These bonus features are epic and will help you collect some of the biggest wins we’ve ever seen!

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If you’re after the best party of your life and wins worth a cool €270,000, then you need to spin the reels and rave in Sonic Reels. The action is non-stop and if you play on high volatility, you can cash in on that terrific max win!