Win €10,000 in Our Halloween Adventure – Level Up Spook Fest!

Just when you thought it was safe to turn off the lights to reduce those energy bills… Here comes BitStarz with the most disturbing Halloween Adventure – Level Up yet. Thanks guys.

Halloween… That time of year when it’s ok to take candy from strangers dressed as serial killers. I love the irony.

And I know we’re a month away from seeing Freddy Krueger in our dreams, but do we really need a reason to kickstart Spooky Season early?

Not when there’s €10,000 in cash and €50,000 in individual prizes up for grabs – this is way better than free Skittles, I’d say.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

If you love horror, then you’ll love this. This spook fest will take you from a depraved butcher’s table, into the restraints of a mummy-run asylum. This adventure map is totally messed up.

And I haven’t even gotten to the demons and zombies yet. But I guess you’ll be seeing it all for yourself because this is a nightmare you cannot miss.

You’ve never seen a horror house quite like this. It’s simply mortifying. If you thought The Conjuring was creepy, then bundle that up with every horror movie you’ve seen and then you’ll get the BitStarz Halloween Adventure – Level Up.

It’s very kind of the epic designers not to include The Human Centipede and Jeepers Creepers, though. I can handle terror. But I draw the line with those two. I’d die.

How to get your Trick-or-Treating on

Just like all our other Level Up adventures (except this time with a sinister style), you’ll need to sneak past 40 levels of dread to reach the Grim Reapers’ rewards.

Just kidding, we’re angels, guys. Why else would we have planted pleasant surprises for you after every level you pass? This is where the €50,000 individual prize pool comes into play.

And, if you’re the first to brave it to Level 40, then you’ll snatch the €10,000 cash. That’s worth the fright, right?

All that’s required to get you ghosting, ghouling, and zombie groaning around the map, is to play any BitStarz game to climb the leaderboard ladder.

It’s a lot simpler than joining a coven. We don’t require blood sacrifices.

Do you dare enter the horror house?

Our Halloween Adventure – Level Up is a nightmare come true. So, celebrate the most sinister season with us!

The (40 day) Fright Night of your life is here, and it ends on 4 November. Are you ready to brave it for big rewards in the form of €10,000 in cash and €50,000 in prizes?
Hell yeah you are.

Happy Halloween!