BitStarz Nominated for Best Casino at the Awards!

We love it when we can add an award nomination to our already impressive collection. It proves that our dedication to creating a world-class gaming platform is paying off. And who does not enjoy a good payout? If you’ve been playing with BitStarz Casino then this should seem like no surprise.

BitStarz has yet again been nominated for the Best Blockchain Casino 2021, and this time at the prestigious awards. Unfortunately, we did not receive first place. But that’s okay. Because a true player knows you can’t win them all. And we are truly honored by the nomination. Just be sure to know we’re coming for first place next year. We love a good challenge! And we’ll start making space in our trophy room for another title.

Get our trophy ready for next year please. is an online crypto gaming guide and casino news platform. They aim to break misconceptions about online crypto gambling and bring this exciting industry under the spotlight.


Thanks to all the guys and gals from for their hard work and dedication to the industry. We know selecting a winner was not easy. But we will give the competition another run for their money next year and take the title, wink-wink.

What makes BitStarz an award-winning casino?

Well, where to begin? We’ve been bringing the best and latest in online crypto gaming entertainment to the world since 2014. This was back in the stone age when it comes to crypto casinos. We were like Prometheus bringing the gift of fire to mankind… Okay, perhaps that’s taking it a little too far. But we were the beginning, the best, the brightest. And we will continue to provide our players with the most exciting, first-class experience in crypto gaming the world has to offer.


It does not end there! We make some of the most exciting promotions and Bonus Offers available to our players. We give back as soon as we receive with our exceptional deposit bonuses, which will see our players winning as soon they step through our virtual doors.

Bitstarz hands out free spins like candy at Halloween. And we do this every day!

What about our promotions?

Well, there’s no competition in this department. We don’t need an award to tell us that. And our valued players know this too!

BitStarz Promotions are simply the best. In fact, we wish we could take these offers up ourselves. The aim is to give our players exactly what WE would expect from a world-class casino. We are well-known for our exciting Level Up Adventure promotions such as the Wild West Level Up Adventure taking place this very moment.


The ongoing Slot Wars Promotion is giving out €5,000 in prize money and €5,000 in free spins every week. If Table Games are your thing, the Table Wars Promotion has €10,000 up for grabs weekly.

Check out our list of astounding promotions as there are many more. No wonder we keep receiving nominations and winning awards…

We’ll take a bow for now but we’re all winners anyhow!

We are honored for this incredible nomination. It has been an incredible year for the industry and for the players. As we continue to bring you the best casino games, promotions, and the hottest entertainment around, make sure you keep an eye on our Casino News Page and stay up to date with the latest events happening at BitStarz.

Finally, thanks to all our amazing players for an incredible seven years. We love you all, and we appreciate your loyalty, enthusiasm, and downright excellence as a BitStarz player. We’ll keep entertaining, if you keep playing – so let’s get to it!