You Better Have Nerves of Steel to Ace the Penalty Shoot-Out Slot

Do you belong to the group of soccer fans that believes there is nothing to it to score on a penalty shot regardless of the goaltender or circumstances? That you have nerves of steel and are better than the professional chumps that keep missing? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, courtesy of the Penalty shoot-out slot from Evoplay Entertainment.

You can choose your favorite team before the ball is placed on its mark and the rest is up to you. There is a €1,474.56 max win waiting for you as long as you keep hitting them in the back of the net. You already have your jersey on, don’t you?

The Stadium Is Rocking

It’s an electric atmosphere in the stadium and only the best national teams have been invited. Take your pick from the always tough Germany, Spain with Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo’s Portugal or Harry Kane’s England among others and get ready to score. The graphics tie the game together nicely and you can feel the pressure coming on.

There are a few things to pay attention to. Your first observation will probably be that there are no reels whatsoever. How come? Well, have you ever seen reels on a football field? Exactly.


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Pick Your Favorite Target

After making your bet it’s time to prove yourself. Before you let your foot loose on the ball, you will have to pick a target. There are five of them where you can choose to place the ball and if you feel unsure where to shoot, you can press the random button and the game will pick a location for you. Sweet!

Each cycle has five shot attempts and for each goal you score you will get paid. You can see the shot meter if you look at the top of your screen. If you manage to score all five in a row, there is a 30.72x your bet payout.

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Cash out Whenever You Score

You have the option of cashing out after each goal if you want and start off from scratch with the next opponent. However, if you do decide to continue, the payoff does increase with each goal.

Keep Scoring Super Star

Keep scoring goals from 12 yards away and if you enjoy it, take a shot at Slot Wars. Getting your name in the top 40 will get you a piece of the €5,000 being given out every single week.