Ecuador Gold Slot Is Loaded With Fun, Gold and Tons of Paylines

Navigate through the dense and extremely challenging South American jungle and with hard work and the right attitude, you will eventually come across the almost utopian location of the lost Temple of Luck. Legends tell stories of hidden treasures that will blow your mind and the best way to find them is through the Ecuador Gold slot by ELK Studios.

Have you ever played on a jaw dropping 8 rows and 262,144 paylines? How about Ghosting Wilds or the Free Drops bonus game? Well, today is the day and the €250,000 max win is just an appetizer.

Experience all that’s hiding in the secret temple and let’s hit the reels of the Ecuador Gold slot.

Wait for the Grid to Open Up

The 6 reels and 4,096 paylines you are facing as you enter the premises may not seem all that impressive at first but that’s the way the Aztecs want you to think. To lure you into a false hope of safety before they really open up the reels, leading to monster wins.

It’s an impressive construction and you can tell by the symbols it has been around for ages. Lucky for you, Kane is used to these kinds of missions and will do his part on the reels.


Play Now

A high volatility game with a €250,000 max win will get anyone excited and since the Ecuador Gold can be won using the 96.10% RTP and a 2,500x multiplier, you are in for one exciting adventure, amigo.

Winning Means More Winning

Using the avalanche mechanics when it comes to wins, all symbols involved in a win will explode and new symbols will drop. As long as you continue to land winning combinations, it will continue and the grid will increase by adding more rows and paylines.

The paylines start at 4,096 and by winning, it will increase to 15,625, to 46,656, to 117,649 before it maxes out at a breathtaking 8 rows and 262,144 paylines! Crazy right? No wonder you can rack up a lot of wins in this game.

Bring on the Big Symbols

To break it down, the philosophy of the game is go big or go home and the symbols are all in agreement. You will see symbols of all sizes but you can count on the Super (2×2), the Mega (3×3) and the Epic (4×4) symbols to make the biggest noise.

They will power through anything in their way on their way to the bottom. This means they will clear a path and give you even greater opportunities to land more wins.

Ghosting Wild Feature

Get ready to meet an unusual symbol, called the Ghosting Wild. This guy will make its move across the grid, leaving a trail of wilds behind. It’s a pretty sweet feature that can be very beneficial.

Free Spins or Free Drops

The biggest feature is the Free Drops bonus game. If you can land 3 or more of the bonus scatter, it’s triggered and ready to go. You can get up to 25 free drops that can be retriggered for a total of 50!

Play Now

You’ll start with 4 rows and with each win, a new row will be added just like we described above, and if you can reach all the way up to 262,144 paylines, it’s going to take a lot not to land a big win.

It’s a Must Play Game

With this newfound knowledge, you can understand the potential this slot has. With its refreshing take on features and game play, it’s a must play game if you ask us.

Head to Ecuador as soon as possible if you want to get your hands on its gold. Good luck!