You’re Invited to BitStarz’s $1,000,000 Cashback Party!

Ten years ago today, we received our very first deposit – and that was the day BitStarz Casino was born! Wow, it’s so humbling to be here now, we’re so grateful for your loyalty!

Since BitStarz turns double-digits, we needed a celebration to match. Yeah, we could blow out some candles and make balloon animals, but a $1,000,000 Birthday Giveaway seemed slightly more fun.

In March, we asked you how you’d like us to give this money away, and most of you wanted cashback. So, a $1,000,000 Cashback Party it is.
For the next few weeks, we’re giving you unlimited 10% cashback in all games, until we’ve given away the full $1,000,000!

The $1,000,000 giveaway

Last month, we let you in on our 10th birthday surprise – that we wanted to give away a huge amount of money to you.

Yeah, we’re known for giving away some pretty cool prizes, like Teslas. But $1,000,000? This is a first for us.

There’s nobody we’d rather celebrate with but you, because without your loyalty, we wouldn’t be here. And this is why we also asked what you wanted this epic party to look like.

Did you want the giveaway to be done through tournaments, raffles, or cashback? You chose cashback and we’re here to deliver. So, are you ready to get some?

Get weekly cashback

BitStarz $1,000,000 Cashback Party begins on 8 April 2024, and will run for as long as the giveaway amount lasts. Meaning, once the $1,000,000 pot finishes, so will the promotion.

We’ve decided to give you cashback on a weekly basis, with each cashback period running for 7 days, from Tuesdays 00:01 CEST to Mondays 23:59 CEST, except for the first week, which runs for 8 days starting from today!

Since we’re giving you cashback every week until the million mark is reached, you can consider your 10% cashback to be unlimited. We’ll pay it every Tuesday.

What you need to do to qualify

Ever played our monthly Live Casino Cashback promotions? Well, our $1,000,000 Cashback Party is kinda similar. It’s a safety net, but this time for all BitStarz games.

Your weekly losses need to be $100 or more, and you need to have made at least five BitStarz deposits to be eligible for cashback. And the cashback you get doesn’t come with any wagering requirements. Score. It’s that simple.

Ready to play?

In eight more years, BitStarz will be of drinking age. But that’s not stopping us from going big with this celebration!

The past decade has been nothing short of amazing, and we can’t wait for the next ten!

Honestly, we can’t thank you enough for your loyalty, and from everyone at BitStarz, please enjoy our $1,000,000 Cashback Party!

It’s now live 😉