Win up to €10,000 in our Live Quiz with Olle!

Well that was quick. It’s pretty much the end of 2022, and we hope it’s been better than the past two years. They weren’t hard to beat if we’re honest.

When we think of wrapping up the year, there is no way we could do it without you. It’s you guys who’ve made this year the epic ride it’s been.

As you know, we usually do a yearly highlight video, but we’ve decided to change things up and have you getting festive with us – in our Live Quiz with Olle where gift-giving is the order of the day.

Yeah, you can win up to €10,000 by answering a bunch of BitStarz-related questions correctly. And, even if you get them all wrong, we still have something for you. Everyone’s a winner here! So, at BitStarz at 00.00 CET on 23 December for some fun.

Now, let’s see how it’s gonna work, shall we?

Our Year in Review Done Differently

Slideshows and graphs are something for investment companies. We like to keep things creative, and we felt it was time to retire our annual Year in Review videos and present you with something a whole lot more engaging and entertaining.

This is what we came up with… We’re gonna hold a live quiz with 10 BitStarz-related questions for you to answer. They will be multiple choice, where one question equals one point, and if you get all of them right, you’ll get up to €10,000 in cash. No joke.

Olle will be your host for the quiz and you’ll be able to see him, chat with him (via Twitch so be sure to set up an account if you don’t already have one) and answer the questions on your desktop or mobile devices.

What You Can Win

The big prize is up to €10,000 – we haven’t been hush about that one – and here’s how you can get your hands on it, or some of it.

Basically, if you’re the only participant to get all 10 questions right, then the €10,000 is all yours. But if you tie with other players, then you’ll share the prize. Hey, it’s only fair. So let’s hope you’re the only one with all the answers.

The same goes for the second prize of €5,000, except this applies to getting 9 questions right. Here’s how the prizes are broken down:


You’ll get a point for every correct answer, and we’ll tally them up and award you with the individual prize that matches your answer score.

Man, thousands of euros and really cool bonus prizes for answering a couple of multiple choice questions? Attending the Live Quiz with Olle is a no-brainer.

Do You Qualify to Play?

All BitStarz players who have made at least one deposit of €20 or more in 2022 automatically qualify to take part in the Live Quiz with Olle.

There’s still time for those who haven’t yet – so that’s great news. If you haven’t made a deposit at BitStarz this year then be sure to do that before the quiz Friday, 00.00 CET, 23 December.

Once you’ve put in €20 or more, you’ll be able to participate in our first ever-BitStarz quiz, and we sure hope you do.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

In our Live Quiz with Olle, you can win Free Spins, Cash Prizes, and, if you answer all 10 questions correctly, then you’ll get €10,000 in cold, hard, cash in your Christmas stocking.

We can’t think of a better way to bring 2022 to a close than with you, our awesome players. We’re really excited about this event, and we can’t wait to see you there – at BitStarz on 23 December at 00.00 CET!