Go Faster in the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure with These Tips!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week and a half, we’ve launched our latest level up adventure promotion, giving you the chance to win €10k in cold, hard cash and a 1kg bar of gold worth €50k!

Let your inner pirate loose and race through all 41 swashbuckling levels to get your hands on the gold, landlubbers. Hopefully your galleon is the fastest around, but if not, here are some amazing tips to help you level up faster in the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure, right here at BitStarz Casino!

Play Slots if Ye Wants T’ Win

We all want to be big winners, and honestly, a 1kg bar of gold is a pretty epic prize that any good pirate is going to want to get their hands on. If you want that conversation piece, you’re going to need to fine tune your techniques. First up, you’re going to want to play the slots as much as possible, ideally ones with a low volatility so you can get a better ROI. Slots count 100% towards your level up requirements, while table games only count 5%. Table games can allow you to control the outcome, allowing for better bankroll preservation, but it will take you 20x longer to complete a level when compared to a slot player – so bear this in mind.

Ditch the Bonuses

In case you’re new to the BitStarz Level Up Adventures, bonuses don’t count towards your level progress. So, if you do take bonuses, you going to want to use them up as fast as possible. Whether you hit the tables to turn that bonus cash into a pretty bundle of money or if you want to hit the slots to win a massive pile of cash like many of our players from June, the choice is yours. Just don’t forget that bonuses don’t count, so do bear this in mind when you’re playing.

Have Fun!

You’ve heard the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, the same goes for the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure. Time, and more importantly levels, fly when you’re having fun. Don’t put any pressure on yourself and simply have some fun. You’ve still got an awful lot of time to win €10k in cash, that 1kg gold bar plus all the BitStarz merch. So, kick back, relax and have fun when you’re taking part in the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure!

Good luck out there. The seas can be a tough mistress. Command your ship with authority and sail through the storms – you could very well be the big winner of the 1kg bar of gold!