Ancient Disco Slot: What a Time to Be Alive!

Casinos have reached the Ancient Egyptian-themed slots quota two worlds over. There’s an overpopulation of Anubis out here. We really don’t need more of these slots. Really.

Hell, I can scream until I am blue in the face… But the providers will provide. Take Red Tiger Gaming, for instance. They decided to release yet another (eye roll) game in this exhausted genre just the other day.

But thankfully, Ancient Disco slot isn’t a throwback to 3,100 B.C.E, but rather the raving 80s… if you were at an Ancient Egypt-themed party. Guess we can never truly escape the Pharaoh’s reign over slot games. Sigh.

Party like an Egyptian

This is the slot’s “punch line.” You can’t miss it. Must be Red Tiger Gaming’s attempt at being cunning linguists. Either way, this looks like a dress-up party Diplo would be DJing at.

I’ve seen him hit the decks at stranger places. An Ancient Egypt-themed 40th birthday bash between friends isn’t exactly out of his scope of work.

I’ll cut this idea some slack because if the budget is big enough, the booze strong enough, and the music hot enough, then this would be a kickass party. One for the ages, even. And there’s no need to bring your own sphynx – those are provided.

I’m digging this vibe more and more as we go on. Besides, partying “like an Egyptian” could have you winning up to €225,000!


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The ancient disco balls are lit

It’s not only the design that makes the high volatility Ancient Disco slot such a stand-out, it’s the features too.

There are several things making a buzz here, and that’s the Ancient Disco Bonus, The Pyramid Spins, the Prize Ladder, and of course the Progressive Jackpot.

All roads seem to lead back to the Ancient Disco bonus, which involves landing 6 or more Disco Ball symbols on the reels and receiving an Instant Win in doing so. And this is activated in the base game.

This is where the Prize Ladder comes in. Stacking Disco Balls triggers multipliers, where the values seen on the Prize Ladder increase to bigger and better wins.


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The pyramids are poppin’ too

The bonus game is the Pyramid Spins. It’s similar to the Ancient Disco Bonus, just on steroids.

It follows the same mechanic as a Hold & Win, where you get a certain number of initial spins to fill your screen with coins, but in this case it’s Disco Balls. They refill with each scatter that subsequently lands.

The aim here is to collect as many Ancient Disco Scatters as you can, because you can be rewarded big time for holding up to 15 of them. Check it out.


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Same same but different

Perhaps it was Red Tiger’s exact intent to mock Ancient Egypt slots with 95.71% RTP Ancient Disco.

Whatever the case may be, I quite enjoy it – also because the Buy Bonus makes things pretty easy to get around. It’s also a straightforward game with cool win potential.

Anyway, I am glad Ancient Disco slot is not just another desert-gold game, because if it were, I probably wouldn’t be playing it.