Take a Wild Ride to Wins in New Joker Bombs Slot

When you combine a theme park with an impressive number of explosive devices, what comes to mind? No, we’re not talking about Die Hard 17. We’re talking about the brand new Joker Bombs slot.

Grab your bomb suit and head on down to Joker Bombs slot from Hacksaw Gaming for a day of explosive entertainment.

Welcome to the Joker Bombs slot theme park

Now, we’re not commenting on why there are bombs in a theme park. We’re just saying that it might be best if we brought in John McClane to make sure there isn’t an egomaniacal German villain behind the whole thing.

If we haven’t made it abundantly clear already, the Joker Bombs slot is set in the middle of a brightly colored theme park with winding looping roller coaster tracks dominating the backdrop. Although much of the backdrop is static, a pair of balloons to the left of the slot sway in the virtual environment, adding to the slot’s dynamism.


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The reels of the slot are filled with brightly colored candy and balloons. The five balloons represent the slot’s low-paying symbols, while the five candies represent the high-paying symbols.

Jump on the bonus feature rollercoaster

There are no lines at this theme park. As long as you can avoid stepping on the unexploded ordnance littering the park, you’ll be able to enjoy all the wild rides that Joker Bombs slot has to offer.

During base gameplay, multiplier bombs will appear on the reels. If you manage to hit a winning combination while a multiplier bomb is on the reels, it will explode and supercharge your win. The standard bombs award up to 4x your winnings, and the mystery symbol bombs award up to 50x your winnings. If you’re looking for the wildest ride in this theme park, however, you’re going to have to see the jokers.


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Grab three or more joker scatter symbols, and you’ll unlock a round of 10 retriggerable free spins. During a round of free spins, the appearance of multiplier bombs will increase significantly, giving you a better chance of hitting that €250,000 jackpot.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for a trio of jokers symbols to grant you access to a round of free spins, you can select to buy a round of free spins. However, don’t let those tricksters fool you. Although it’s easy, the cost can often be significantly more than the payout.

Is Joker Bombs slot a dynamite addition?

Simple fun is the best way to describe Joker Bombs slot. It’s a bright, fun slot that offers a fairly standard selection of bonus features. It’s the perfect option for a few spins while you’re on the throne or waiting in line.

This simple, easy fun is echoed in the slot’s stats. With medium volatility and a 96.48% RTP rating, you’ll be able to win consistently during both long and short sessions. Despite the easy-going nature of the slot, it still manages to offer a huge €250,000 jackpot.

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