Baccarat Squeeze Will Have You Winning Big and Biting Your Nails

Baccarat is one of the classiest casino games around and at certain land-based casinos it’s a game reserved for the serious high rollers. However, online casinos lower the bet limits and make it more accessible to players of all bankrolls and budgets. This has brought about a world of variety, bringing different ways to play this classy casino game straight into your living room. Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution Gaming is a unique way to play baccarat online, as the cards are revealed tantalizingly slowly – keeping you on the edge of your seat in the process!

Ultra-Slow Card Reveals

Baccarat Squeeze plays like Punto Banco in the sense you have to pick between the player hand and the banker hand. In this special version of the game, the dealer plays the cards face down and slowly reveals them by pulling up corners of the cards. This slow reveal method will have you trying to guess what the card actually is, adding extra tension to the already exciting baccarat experience.

Inevitably Longer Rounds

Due to the fact that the reveal of cards takes a lot longer, each round lasts considerably longer than any other form of online baccarat. This is great for players who like time to think about each bet and play with a system in mind, but if you’re looking for a fast-paced game you might be better trying your luck at Speed Roulette instead.

Fantastic Video Feeds

Sometimes live stream games can be patchy and the camerawork isn’t always the best. Doing things differently, Baccarat Squeeze is filmed with multiple ultra-high definition cameras that capture the action from every conceivable angle – making the card reveals twice as exciting. The high-quality feed remains flawless even when playing on a mobile device, so don’t worry about not being able to see the final results due to lag or buffering. Plus, Baccarat Squeeze is streamed out of multiple studios, so you don’t need to worry about it being offline or down when you want to play – no matter the time of day.

Four Windows at Once

If you love Baccarat Squeeze but find that it’s just a touch slow, don’t worry. You can open up to four windows with Evolution Gaming games simultaneously. Although, if you’re going to take full advantage of this to maximize your betting potential – and therefore winning potential – you’re likely going to need a couple of screens, but it’s well worth the investment if you ask us.

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