How Do Live Casino Games Work?

Live casino games are incredible fun, as they transport you to a world of entertainment that was previously inaccessible. Available day or night, 24/7, you can sink your teeth into live casino action anywhere, anytime and on any device. So, just how do live casino providers such as Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming manage to pull it off?

Well, here at BitStarz we like to uncover the mysteries of the casino world. So, buckle up and prepare to learn all about the world of live casino games!

Live Games are Broadcast from Huge Production Centers

Game providers put a lot of effort into making the live stream as real and authentic as possible. That live dealer you’re seeing is likely streamed from a set in Tbilisi, Georgia or Riga, Latvia. These live dealers work in 30-minute shifts with a 15-minute break, presenting round after round of one specific game. Dealers are often trained in only one live game, but dealers and croupiers wishing to advance their careers often spend extra time learning other games.

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These huge production facilities will often have hundreds of tables, allowing online casinos like BitStarz to be able to stream a live game without lag or buffering due to excessive demand. If a table is becoming popular, another dealer will set in and the provider will share the traffic between the two or more tables that are operating. This ensures that the quality of your stream doesn’t degrade – how cool is that!

There are Shufflers on Standby

If you’re playing a live stream casino game that involves cards, there will often be a shuffler stood just out of frame that is on standby should something go wrong with the shuffling machine. It happens from time to time, and the shuffler will slide into the game and start shuffling those cards to ensure as little delay as possible. In fact, these shufflers will make it seem as if they’re meant to be there and it’s all part of the plan. They’re specially trained to make it look authentic and natural, ensuring you as a player know no difference at all.

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Dealers Will Chat with You

Most dealers will in fact interact with you if you opt to chat to them through the chat service provided. Now, not all dealers will, and some dealers are rather boring in that way. But, fun games such as lightning dice or side bet city will have dealers and croupiers that are specifically chosen to be as fun as possible. They will talk about anything from the weather and the last round to Christmas and their commute to work. Tip the dealers and be nice to them and you can expect a ton of extra fun and entertainment.

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There you have it. The intricacies of these epic live casino games have been laid bare and you can see behind the scenes. If you keep a close eye on the camera, often you can catch a glimpse of another dealer and another table being played at the same time. Table games are so much fun, and the live dealers make them worthwhile. Best of all, as you play hands in live table games at BitStarz, you can earn points towards the Table Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000!