The Differences Between Speed Roulette and Regular Roulette

In our large range of live table games, you can play two types of roulette – regular and speed. For those of you who are curious about the difference between the two, it’s really quite simple. Speed roulette plays much faster – meaning less time between spins. Speed roulette is one of Evolution Gaming’s signature games and it’s only available from them. The rules are exactly the same, just with less time to think about your next bet. You can fit in around an extra 50 spins per hour – perfect for players with no time to spare.

World’s Fastest Roulette

Evolution Gaming has created the world’s fastest game of roulette, with a mere 25 seconds from spin to spin. The wheel used is a custom designed TCSJOHNHUXLEY and lives in the company’s Riga studios. The dealers aren’t ordinary roulette dealers, but specially trained dealers for this lightning fast edition of the game. Betting takes place in game, so there is no “dead time” and the next spin starts immediately.

Perfect for People in a Rush

If you hate waiting around for bets to close, this could be the perfect game for you. Waiting for people to think about what bet they want to place, work out which number will come next with their algorithm or simply taking a sip of their drink can all slow down the game, but in speed roulette you have none of that. As soon as the number has been called, the ball is back on the go and spinning around the wheel. If you’re in a rush and want to squeeze in a few extra games before you have to dash off, you’re in luck. With 50 extra games per hour, you can increase your chances of striking a big win on the roulette wheel.

No Time for Martingale Play

In the speed version of the game, you have to be very quick to place your bets, as every second truly does count. This makes techniques and methods like the Martingale system very hard to use. Due to it being online, if you’re prepared with your mouse over the “re-bet” button you might be able to manage, but there is no room for error or delay.

We think you will love Evolution Gaming’s speed roulette, it’s the perfect way to spend your time on the table. Don’t forget, every time you place a bet on speed roulette, you will be automatically entered into Table Wars – a leaderboard for players who play table games. Finish in first place and bag yourself a juicy reward. Suddenly those 50 extra spins per hour are looking more much more tempting!