Mix Your Potions and Reap the Benefits of These Science Slots

In school we were never great in chemistry but we blame it on having a teacher so boring he could make time stand still. Saying that, it doesn’t mean we would’ve become Nobel Prize winners but let’s say the chances would have at least been a ton higher.

Whether we fully have a grip on the subject or not, it is fascinating what scientists can do. When even a fantastic chef like Heston Blumenthal puts his impressive skills on display you kind of wish you had paid more attention in school. Luckily we can reap the benefits of the scientists behind these entertaining slots and who knows, the payouts could actually be the equivalent of a Nobel Prize so who’s laughing now!

Secret Potion – Spinomenal

Boiling neon colored liquids with an unfamiliar colored smoke puffing out tends to be the image many of us have when we talk about chemistry and science. The Secret Potion slot does whatever it can to uphold the reputation and in a lab full of test tubes and all kinds of potions you can tell there is something shady going on. The term lab rat may have been coined from this slot but land 3 of the scientist in the hampster wheel and you are on your way to ruling this lab with up to 15 free spins that will get your paid!


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The Alchemist’s Gold – Microgaming

Gold, gold and more gold is to be expected in The Alchemist’s Gold slot. As many alchemists, they talk a big game, but this guy actually delivers and the glimmering gold can boost your winnings to champagne popping levels. The scatter is your best friend and they can get you 20 money making free spins, where you even get to pick what type you prefer.

The alchemist himself does look like he’s ready to step in as a Las Vegas magician but as long as the wins are coming in, we don’t care what he looks like!


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Secrets of Alchemy – EGT

We strongly believe that the focus in Secrets of Alchemy slot is to find a way to create the biggest payouts possible and the secrets may still be off the record but as long as we can cash in on them we really don’t care. This does seem to be the case here as there is plenty of cold hard cash within reach. Progressive jackpots that make your mouth water are ripe and ready for the picking but you need to know that the jackpots aren’t the only wins that can put a smile on your face. Have faith and the payouts will be more than expected!


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Weird Science – Habanero

Who says old school slots can’t get you paid? Weird Science slot is proving all the doubters wrong and we tend to agree. This looney doctor sure knows what he’s doing and when he shows up on the reels, all bets are off. For each scatter you land, 4 free spins will be coming your way and with a whole lot of money attached. The nostalgic 90’s cartoon style may be a bit misleading because the payout is definitely up to date!


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Madder Scientist – BetSoft

This guy is the epitome of a mad scientist and he deserves his very own Madder Scientist slot. A unique feature in this game is the respins. For an additional cost you can respin any of the 5 reels after each spin. If you see you have a powerful combo within reach, keep spinning the same reel may get you there faster than spinning all of them. In the bonus game you get to help create your very own special potion and if you have never seen a golden carrot, here’s your chance.


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We Are Impressed

Wow there is a lot of money to be won here! We are so impressed by these scientists that we are searching online for books and courses that might spark some ideas for beneficial potions. We had a blast spinning these reels and when the payouts are at a level like this, any theme will catch our attention. Give it a go and see for yourself!