Be Quick Enough on the Draw and Win in The True Sheriff Slot

Tobacco, spurs, and revolvers. It doesn’t get much more western than that. Today’s cowboys are a bit different than from back in the day, but still pretty damn tough. If you don’t believe us, take a good look at the fantastic new series Yellowstone. These roughnecks may have a different outlook on life, but so do skydivers, miners, people in submarines and snake charmers, so we feel pretty confident saying it doesn’t make us any less of a man. Or at least so we tell ourselves.

The True Sheriff slot brings us back to the good old days with gunfights and saloons, so let’s dust off the boots and head out into the streets to be part of the action.

Iconic Cowboy

BetSoft has once again managed to distract us from reality with this stunning looking slot. The holster is loaded with 5 reels and 30 paylines in which the iconic cowboy will hold the fort down while you safely enjoy your spins. The sheriff, villain, barmaid and the handlebar mustache sporting older gentleman will occupy the reels. The special symbols are the gun and sheriff’s badge that serves as the bonus symbol and scatter.


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What is your favorite color, son?

Just like in life, there’s a Double Up function with each win. It’s a bit of a stretch but imagine what a fun addition to your life that could be. Go head to head with the oil baron-looking old man and see if you can double your winnings by picking a red or black card. Pick right and he will have a hard time keeping his emotions at bay.


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Badges Mean Extra Cash

Line up 3 or more of the sheriff badge scatters and you can enjoy up to 15 free spins. Although you can’t retrigger them, you will head into the dark night during your spins. We are not sure exactly why but perhaps it is supposed to hint it’s a sneaky way of making some extra cash. If you collect more badges during these free spins, they will convert into extra cash.

Quick Draw Bonus Feature

You may want to think twice before you activate the bonus round feature. It’s time to hit the dusty streets and face the music in a shootout with the town’s gunman. Test your luck at a game of heads or tails, where each correct answer brings you closer to the main prize. If bad luck is staring you right in the face you could literally take a bullet to the head!


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Shoot Fast, Win Big!

Shooting guns and win cold hard cash is one of our favorite hobbies. You don’t even need to rob the stagecoach to get to the max coin win of 750 000, which will get you a whole bunch of boots, with spurs and all. We love being able to live out our dreams of being cowboys and this slot will finally give you the opportunity to say, there’s a new sheriff in town!