Bug Free Fun and Epic Wins Are Served in The Exterminator Slot

Being an exterminator is not considered a fancy job and not necessarily a profession that gets the respect it deserves. There aren’t a lot of people out there that would want to spend their days dealing with disgusting insects or other types of critters. We sure wouldn’t. Exterminator sounds awfully close to Terminator but the power behind it is vastly different. Maybe a title change would boost their confidence and appeal. How about rodent slayer? Or bug assassin? We will take it up with the exterminator union and see what they say. In the meantime, let’s see what these guys are made of in The Exterminator slot from BetSoft.

Welcome to Big Win Cabin

We agree, The Exterminator isn’t the sexiest of titles but we have learned that whatever the title is, if it delivers on entertainment and a ton of big wins, we shall bow down to any of them. Set in the woods, this bug infested cabin plays across 5 reels and 30 paylines. The exterminator himself appears as a symbol together with the cheeky raccoon, garbage cans, a welcome mat, traps and some business cards. The wild is a truck and footprints wander around as scatters.


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Put Your Money Where Your Bug Spray Is

Exterminators aren’t any different than the rest of us as they also like winning big. After each win, you can put your money where your bug spray is and play the Double Up feature. Doubling your money is always to be prefered and the cash can pile on faster than you can say cockroach. Pick a color and the man himself will work his magic.


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Opportunities Worth Seizing

This guys deadly chemicals do not work on features so you will be happy to know there are a few in this slot that can really give your wins a nice boost. Besides free spins and wild reels, you will find a couple of more money making opportunities worth seizing.

Sticky Wins for example, will be triggered when winning combos strike during the base game. When this happens, respins will follow and add to your original win.

In the bonus feature, 5 or more blueprints will send you on a mission of finding the raccoon. This is easier said than done as this little bastard will do anything in its power to mess with you. Hang in there as it’s well worth it when you finally catch up to him!


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Panic Room Solution

The pain in the ass raccoon may have distracted us at times but not enough for us not to realise the fun you have playing this slot. With the risk of inhaling some nasty chemicals, the money made in this game can buy us a panic room for the house which would deal with any potential bug problems. Nice! This slot has a ton of fun features and the wins just keep coming so put your hazmat suit on and let’s get this raccoon!