Leap Head First Into the Rabbit Hole in Alice Adventure

Off with his head! Such famous words were spoken by the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. The experience that poor girl goes through must put her off drugs for eternity. We are not even sure we would be able to ever fall asleep again. In Alice Adventure slot, the bottle of secret potion is on display again, but luckily it feels harmless taking it, as it’s on-screen and it’s not really you. Phew!

This adventure will bring you right back to the story with all the crazy characters and there is a lot of stuff happening on these 5 reels and 30 paylines. iSoftBet delivers again and the familiar faces will appear on the reels whether you like it or not. Alice, the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, the Caterpillar and the White Rabbit bring the cuckoo connected to this story for the ages. The potion we mentioned serves as the bonus for the adventurous among you.


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Bonus and Wilds Bonanza

If you feel the lust for adventure come on, you should land 3 of the potion scatters. This will activate the Alice Bonus feature. Drink the potion to shrink and get 5 to 15 free spins of your choice as you can choose what door to enter. Ask your gut to see which doorknob to turn and get the biggest win.


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Expanding Wilds and Epic Wins

When you start using up your free spins, you will thank your lucky stars that the wild reels are working hard to expand and help you get those epic wins. Once it expands, this reel will stay wild until your out of free spins. Keep the wilds coming and they will take over more than one reel!

We will never turn our backs on the big wins and with these expanding wilds, neither should you. The max coin win in this little caterpillar is a tasty 60,000. Lean back and watch the magic happen while you dream about what you will do with all that fresh dough!


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Rabbit Hole Adventure Awaits!

We never get too old for this rabbit hole adventure. The familiar characters in combination with the features and the thunderous money rain make this slot hard to resist. If you love the story from your childhood then reawaken the memories and make a buck or more out of it!