Boost the Wheel is a Saucy Little Treat

We all remember jackpot wheels from 90s game shows. The origins of the jackpot wheel do, however, date back significantly further than that. Apparently, according to some fairly suspect internet sources, the wheel’s origin dates back as far as the Babylonians. This means that by playing jackpot wheel games like Boost the Wheel from Mancala, you are enjoying one of the world’s oldest games of chance.

How do you rate your chances?

Boost the Wheel features five wheels that each get progressively larger with more sectors. When you place a bet, the inner wheel will be spun. At its most basic, with each spin, you have the chance to score a win, get nothing, or move on to the next wheel. This is, however, only the basics. The jackpot wheels have a number of bonus features that spice things up.


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  • Multiplier – will award a cash prize that is calculated by multiplying your bet amount with the multiplier amount.
  • Up arrow – will move the gameplay onto the next wheel.
  • Left and right arrows – Moves wheel to a random sector closest to where it is on the jackpot wheel it appears.
  • Free Spin – Awards a free spin starting back from the innermost wheel.
  • Redo – Awards another spin of the current wheel.
  • Stars – awards the bronze, silver, golden, or diamond jackpot amount, which will have values of 25x, 100x, 250x, and 1,000x your bet, respectively.
  • Golden or platinum wheel – Awards a spin on the corresponding special jackpot wheel.

The golden and platinum wheels are single-wheel jackpot wheels that only have multiplier amounts. Not surprisingly, the platinum reel has the larger multiplier values.

Is Boost the Wheel the sexy little treat you’ve been looking for?

Boost the Wheel features high volatility, meaning that the gameplay will lean towards fewer small, consistent wins while you chase those rare big wins. Normally, high volatility goes hand in hand with large max win amounts. However, Boost the Wheel has a max win of just $51,250. The game has an RTP of 95%.

I play a lot of slot games, which starts to get a little boring, especially around the festive season when everything is Christmas-themed. Boost the Wheel is a nice little festive season treat offering a unique experience. I am still not sure if the pinup model and the suggestive sound effects add to or hurt the game just yet, but it definitely is an interesting decision. This one gets an eight out of ten for uniqueness, if nothing else.

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