Become a Mobster with Mega Wins in Windy City Slot!

Ah, Chicago. The Windy City. This beautiful city is full of beauty, charm and, most of all, mobsters. The Windy City is still known as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States thanks to Al Capone’s legacy, The Chicago Outfit.

It’s time to take on the mobsters as you spin the reels in search of glitz and glam in Windy City slot. Hopefully you’ve packed your trusty tommy gun and some armor plates, you’re going to need them, unless you want to wind up riddled with bullets on the sidewalk!

The Winder it Gets, the Bigger the Wins

As a fun fact before we dive into this review, Chicago isn’t actually that windy. Boston is the windiest city in the United States. Now, ahem, Back to business. Windy City takes you deep into the mob life; whisky, cigars, decadence and, of course, girls, girls, girls. As you spin the reels in Windy City, you’ll be taken on a journey through the mob world, all in the hopes of scoring that major win.

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Fortunately for you, Windy City carries a max win of €250,000 and has an RTP of 96%. This makes Windy City a rather generous slot that will help you score that big win and get out of mob life for good. If you need a bit more cash, there is a gamble feature where you can risk it all to double up the wins – all you have to do is pick the higher card!

Free Spins Makes the Mob Turn

It’s no secret that the mob loves backdoor deals, keeping operations out of the eyes of government and onlookers. So, you’ll be pleased to know that Windy City has a special bonus mode that will take you on the road to the biggest wins you’ve ever seen. Land three bonus symbols on the reels to trigger free spins in Windy City. Once in free spins mode, you’ve got 10 spins to win as much as possible. To help you along, the bonus symbols doubles up as a wild, helping you scrape huge wins!

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Windy City is arguably one of the slickest mob themed slots, so if you want to join the mob and enter a life of crime, you’re definitely starting out with one of the best mob slots there is!