Raid the Booongo Fridge and Feast on These Mouthwatering Slots

Another one of our recent partnerships is the triple-o superstar, Booongo! These guys have a fridge full of entertaining slots for you to feast on and with so many games at hand, there is no doubt you will find yourself a real favorite. Check out the ones below to get a taste of what’s in store.

15 Golden Eggs

The jungle is home to some of the most exotic birds on the planet and they come in the most spectacular shapes and forms. The quite bizarre and colorful parrots in the 15 Golden Eggs slot are as fancy and entertaining as they come and with a 15 golden egg jackpot dangling in front of your face, they sure know how to get your attention. These eggs are the center of attention and they are well worth fighting for so head into the free spins round to find out just how tasty they are!


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Sun of Egypt

When the sun sits high above Egypt it gets melting hot. The Sun of Egypt slot is evidence of this and collecting the suns during the free spins feature will show you its true powers. Crazy respins will keep the temperature going up and the wins will get bigger and bigger so put on the SPF 100 in order to stand the heat and bring home the big bucks in this scorcher of a slot!


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Fortune Multiplier

Never has fruit looked so luxurious as it does in the Fortune Multiplier slot. They have all gotten a little makeover and been added a little bling. The symbol that stands out is the horseshoe and since it’s a lucky sign, it will add some very welcomed multipliers to your wins to give them a nice boost. In order to get to the free spins you will have to put your faith into the hands of the diamond stars but once you’re there, woohoo! Play the slot right and become the newest member of the Fortune’s winners club.


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88 Dragon

Chinese fantasy and mystical animals are a proven concept in our business. Although the dragon is the obvious leading beast in the 88 Dragon slot, a tiger, a phoenix and a turtle want to have a saying on who’s the boss. With the unique option of picking amongst 5 different game modes will help you find your very own favorite that will help you get to the gold! Would 4 finger licking jackpots be of interest perhaps?


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Monkey Money

Once again, an old classic slot has hit the scene and the reason they still keep coming is because a ton of players love the old school vibe. The Monkey Money slot is an updated version but the payouts are as real as they come. Hit the slam dunk with 3 monkey symbols in a line and you can glide on the banana peel with your pockets full of a x900 win!


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Great Bang for the Buck

These games are a ton of fun aren’t they? We mentioned that there are a ton of more games in the Booongo repertoire and you can find them all here. Try them all and figure out which one suits you and which ones will give you the most bang for the buck!