Befriend the Rodents and Win Big in Ned and His Friends Slot

We really hope rats as pets don’t become a trend. Rodents should not be running around freely inside the house, although we did enjoy Tom & Jerry growing up. If you think about it, that show was incredibly violent and also where we learned what a face looks like after it has been pummeled by a frying pan. In Ned and His Friends slot we get to meet some of the household names in his house and they all have a long tail.

Let’s take a closer look at these rodents and see what they have in store for us. Who knows, we may suffer from preconceived notions regarding these specific animals.

Welcome to Neds

Betsoft may have gotten the inspiration from The Pied Piper but whatever it came from, this story takes place across 5 reels and 30 paylines. It’s the story of Ned, his front door and his 5 rat boyfriends and the guest appearance by Ned’s girlfriend Kate as a bonus symbol. The classic rat hole in the wall and singing rats also show up as symbols on the reels.


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Ratty Rat Doo-Wop

Like the rats in the house, the bonus features are many, which we love. If you were to land 3 or more rat hole symbols, you will trigger the Rat Tail Click Me feature. During this bonus round, you are presented with a few different images of which you will be asked to pick one. Follow your gut and take a pick and you shall be rewarded.

The bigger feature also has the best name. Ratty Rat Doo-Wop is the name and this feature is activated when you land 3 or more of Ned’s girlfriends symbol. As she isn’t as big of a fan of the rats as Ned, she passes out on the floor when she sees them running around in the house. Your mission, should you accept it, is to choose one of the rats to bust out a beautiful solo before she wakes up.


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Tinder Worthy Photos

Ned oh Ned, we don’t understand your love for your pets but we do see how much joy they can bring so you are slowly winning us over, believe it or not. The features and wins up for grabs make this slot a pure joy to play and we are definitely coming back for another visit. Bless Kates heart for staying with you as we think you would have a really hard time if you were to post these pictures on Tinder!