Don’t Let These 5 Amazing Amatic Slots Slip Through Your Fingers

It’s time for us to hit the dance floor, spend time with iconic monarchs and gangster cats, loco aventuras and get a vitamin boost for recovery. Thanks to our partner Amatic, we can do it all in the 5 must spin slots you see below. DJ… play that track!

Party Night

Hello Barbie, Let’s go Party! Man, those partying days seem long gone, but when you start feeling the groove of Party Night slot it takes you right back. Well, the music may be a bit outdated but that’s because this slot has a really cool 90s vibe and quite a nice soundtrack to match. This is disco meets techno and it’s all about the dance floor, the stunning blonde, drinks and the magic man himself, the DJ!

Features such as Bonus spins have to take a back seat in this review as the big banana hammock in this slot is the 1,500,000 max coin win. Make room people…we are taking over this dance floor.


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Hot Choice

And a hot choice it is! Let’s remove ourselves from the party scene for a moment and try to give our bodies a rest. We need to refill on nutrients and vitamins and what better way than slide into the DMs of Hot Choice slot and surround ourselves with fruits. This is the classic look with cherries, lemons and watermelons, although a bit spicier and updated. Just boring old fruit, you say? Hardly, amigo! This baby is full of extra vitamins and they come in the shape of free spins and multipliers.

Score 3 scatters and head to the bonus round and the re-triggerable free spins, but before you do you need to make your decision about what secret combo will give you the most bang for the buck!


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La Gran Aventura

The majority of times when we choose what slot to play, the title has a big effect in terms of catching our attention. Really cool sounding names always have an impact, not only in the casino business but in all industries. We can all agree on many things sounding much edgier in Spanish and the same goes for La Gran Aventura slot. The glowing globe, the satchel and the telescope all indicate this being an adventurous slot.

The gamble option is there for you daredevils and the scatters are for us all to collect before we can spin the sought after free spins. Choose your favorite explorer and let them work their magic for you. Time to get wild!


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Billy da gangsta! Man, this feline criminal has it figured out. With the swagger of this little guy, there is no wonder he gets all the sexy kittens and the money. Let’s just hope it rubs off on the rest of us when we start spinning these bad boys in Billyonaire slot. Today, we feel like our balls have dropped, so we will definitely test our luck on the gamble feature. Hey, it’s a pretty easy way to double your money after each win.

The free spins are re-triggerable if you get into the right flow and why wouldn’t you, with this cast! Fingers crossed we manage to hit the x10,000 our bet payout, and the title of the Billyonaire will be printed on our next set of business cards.


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Enchanted Cleopatra

To refer to the legendary monarch as being enchanted, goes without saying. This iconic beauty was a force to be reckoned with and one of our most famous rulers of all time. The mystique surrounding her shines through in Enchanted Cleopatra slot and the enticing soundtrack makes you want to bust out the moves and walk like an Egyptian. The beautiful scarab beetle jewel is on display amongst other iconic symbols but there is no denying Cleopatra herself is the main focus and appears, naturally, as the bonus symbol.

With the generous free spins and the awareness of how history repeats itself, who will become the next Cleopatra and will her riches be shared with the people, just like in this slot? We won’t be around by then so we will gladly accept the epic payouts from this game right away.


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The Choice is Yours!

We apologize if we make your head spin with all these great slots, we just can’t get enough. There are just so many amazing games at hand it’s hard to choose, but as we have said so many times before… why choose when you can enjoy them all. Amatic has an arsenal filled with great games, so you should definitely pay the BitStarz lobby a visit sooner rather than later.

Just a heads up. Depending on where you are in the world, some geographical restrictions may apply.