Full Steam Ahead On Gold Train Slot!!

The short film from 1903, The Great Train Robbery, is a milestone in film history. As the first of its kind, its reputation as a classic still holds today. Robbing trains was quite common way back in the day, by cowboys and other bandits. Often they would place a big log or another obstacle across the tracks forcing the locomotive to stop before they climbed aboard. These days there are much simpler ways to achieve the same thing, just load up Gold Train slot and start spinning!

Gold, Gold and more Gold

With an old school look, Gold Train slot is anything but old. This railroad stallion runs full steam along the tracks from Pragmatic Play and it comes bearing gold, gold and more gold. Looking at only 3 reels, you may expect a slow pace slot with lame penny slot vibe, but you will be surprised by the action these reels can show.

The detailed and smart graphics, although simple, the creators have put a nice train focus on all the symbols. The bar symbols, all 3 of them, are part of a railroad. There’s a bell, which you would find at every train station. The conductors hat is holding its own and the retro red and green flags takes a spot on this railroad lineup. Retro ticket stubs are cleverly acting as the scatters while the golden locomotive is busting through the steamy tracks, fully in control as the wild.


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Golden Ticket Upgrades

The goal when spinning these reels is to get to see the Gold Train in action, as that’s when you will be able to fill your bags with cash. To get the most out of the major feature, there is a way to make even more money. The trick is to upgrade by landing golden tickets anywhere on the reels. For every one of these tickets you manage to collect during your spins, one extra carriage gets added to the Gold Train. You can easily see how many you have added by looking in the top left corner of the reels. Grab as many as you can as it can really impact your wins!

The Gold Train Rolls Into The Station

Landing 3 or more ticket stub scatters, will kickstart the main event. If you have ever dreamed about a train full of gold, this is it. When the Gold Train is chugging across your screen with carriages full of gold, get your pockets ready. All carriages come with a certain amount of money and they will all pile up towards your total win.
Remember how we mentioned the upgrade tickets? Well, this is where they come in handy as the more of them you have, the more carriages the train will have. The more the merrier they say, and that rings extra true in this feature. Bigger train means bigger wins!



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Massive Payouts Are Worth The Ticket!

This train ride is definitely worth buying a ticket for. Non-stop action from the first spin and the adrenaline rush you get when that golden train starts dumping all the cash into your lap is enough to give this slot a must try evaluation. Sure, it may lack free spins but trust us, you will forget about that when the gold starts flowing. We admit, this is for sure the preferred way of robbing a train. Bring as many empty duffel bags as you can. You are going to need them!