Best Roulette Games to Get you Ready for Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start getting in the festive spirit. Slots have plenty of Christmas themed games, but table games can often lack the same festive spirit. So, let’s help you get into the festive spirit with these epic roulette games. You won’t be disappointed!

Lightning Roulette

Whether you live in the northern hemisphere and it’s getting cold, or you live down under, there is a good chance you could have a thunder storm on Christmas day. So, why not prepare yourself with a little lightning action on one of the most exciting roulette tables ever created. Every round lightning will strike the wheel, giving up to five numbers epic multipliers. These multipliers can net you up to 500x your stake, a pretty epic way to celebrate Christmas.

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If you want a top strategy that’s proven to work, simply bet on red/black or high/low or odd/even by placing your chips on the numbers, rather than the buttons. This will allow you to cash in on the multipliers and you can rack up a pretty hefty win this way. It’s not against the rules – trust us, we’ve checked – so why not cash in on the Christmas spirit and buy your partner an extra treat!

Golden Chip Roulette

What’s Christmas without gold decorations? After all, allegedly the three wise men brought gold as one of the gifts to baby Jesus’s birthday party, so why not land yourself a slice of the gold action in Golden Chip Roulette. All chips placed on numbers become golden chips and pay out at up to a huge 500x your stake.

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Similarly to Lightning Roulette, the multipliers can make placing bets on numbers rather than the buttons could prove to be a fruitful strategy, so don’t be afraid to give it a go. The Christmas spirit is strong in this game, so rock the gold tinsel and spin the wheel.

Double Ball Roulette

Next up, we’ve got Double Ball Roulette. We know a few of you are going to overdo it this Christmas and chances are you will be seeing two balls on a regular roulette wheel, so why not get extra freaky and see four or even eight balls when playing rounds. Double Ball roulette does exactly what it says on the tin and the dealer fires out two balls every round, giving you a chance to rack up some pretty hefty wins.

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Hopefully you don’t overdo it too much this Christmas, and for those of you that just want to have some fun, double ball roulette can help fill the gap. There is plenty of action and the fun bets on offer certainly make for a welcome change from regular roulette. So, spice things up this Christmas and threat yourself to two balls!

There you have it, these are the best roulette games to get you in the mood for Christmas. You’re going to love the action that’s spinning around these wheels, so load up a table and start making your fortune. Ohh, it’s best we mention that all these games are optimized for mobile play, meaning you can play your favorite games wherever your family drags you this Christmas – you’re welcome!