Sink Your Teeth Into Some Big Garlic Free Wins in Bloodsuckers 2

Vampires were the hottest stars in entertainment for a while and even though it died down quite a bit, they still pop up here and there. Not surprising though, unless you fed them garlic, shot them with a sacred bullet or drove a stake through their chests. You will find a few of them in Bloodsuckers II slot so get your crossbow ready and let’s hunt some vampires, shall we? Fingers crossed these ones are all bark and no bite.

Warning: If you’re the kind of person who covers their eyes during scary parts of a movie, we highly recommend either an adult diaper or some yin yoga before we get going.

Bloodthirsty Paylines

This nest of vampires has 5 sharpened reels and 25 bloodthirsty paylines, portraying some spooky symbols. To start off the wild is a shield emblem and the scatter is a set of red roses. What we presume is a vampire family of three are used as normal symbols, ranging from the dark haired father to his two children, a son and a daughter.


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Feast on Free Spins

Even vampires can’t stay away from free spins or multipliers, they’re just too good. In this sequel you can feast on 10 of them with x3 multipliers when you land 3 of the scatters. If you manage to do it again during the free spins, you can take another bite at another 10.


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Coffins Filled With Cash

Count Dracula and his friends were all very elusive and real tricksters so obviously there are some nice bonus features in this game. Chasing treasures amongst coffins sounds like a great idea in theory, but it’s pretty creepy if you ask us. Land 3 of the bonus symbols to give it a try. Take your pick and you can make some solid money. If you find the secret key, you advance to the next level, all the way up to level 5.

The Shot feature in this slot is randomly triggered. Amelia, the girl with the crossbow on the left, takes a shot at one of the scatters. You can make score some free spins from this or even multipliers up to x100!


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A Slot to Sink Your Teeth Into

This is an exciting slot! Great design and bloody features you can really sink your teeth into. After having been overexposed to it, we are once again fans of vampire themed entertainment. Fill up on the garlic and go hunting!