BitStarz Affiliate Finds a BIG SURPRISE in His Account!

You won’t believe what happened! It’s a crazy story, but it’s true, so hear us out. 

A BitStarz affiliate, who for the sake of his privacy we’ll refer to only as Phil (a-Phil-iate, get it?) from here on out, stumbled upon an early Christmas gift this year. Just wait ‘til you see what he found.

But, every story has a beginning, and this tale starts with a surprise in the mail from BitStarz:


The email was the new monthly KPI update on Phil’s commission from BitStarz. You see, Phil has been a BitStarz affiliate for quite some time, but with numerous online projects in the works, never had the time to follow up on his progress with BitStarz. 

He was definitely opening his mails from our team, that much was certain, but we noticed that he had not yet viewed his commission balance or withdrew funds from his account.

A-StarzPartners-Affiliate-wakes-up-to-€100,000!_-special-image_05 (1)

Why? Well, apart from the time-consuming responsibilities at his primary business, Phil, being one of those ‘too good to be true’ kind of guys, had doubts that his affiliate website would actually produce a passive income. He also felt that the little work he put in as a BitStarz affiliate wouldn’t result in any financial gain, but oh boy, was he mistaken. 

As the proud owner of an online business, one that takes care of his financial needs, Phil had never felt the urge to check his commission balance with BitStarz as he was already generating a fairly decent income. His business keeps him fully occupied, and because of this, Phil had overlooked the fact that he signed up as a BitStarz affiliate, and that his website was actually doing very well.

But then, something happened that would change that forever… 

A reply from Phil!

A-StarzPartners-Affiliate-wakes-up-to-€100,000!_-special-image_06 (1)To the KPI email, his response was: “Thank you, how do I access starzpartners.com, I only have an account with BitStarz.com, are they connected?”

And so began this unbelievable train of events that would lead to an unexpected discovery. The question sprung out with a sudden realization: How could Phil not know how to access his account? That must mean that he has no idea what’s waiting for him.

When Phil’s reply finally came through we knew we had to investigate. How could an affiliate with such a great track record not keep tabs on his account? We knew that Phil was receiving commission from BitStarz on a regular basis, almost monthly, and the funds were racking up.

A-StarzPartners-Affiliate-wakes-up-to-€100,000!_-special-image_03 (1)

Weeks had gone by, which turned to months, and eventually a full year had passed. But still, his commission remained safely in his account, not touched a single time since he first joined BitStarz over a year ago. 

We couldn’t believe our eyes! Can this be right? What are we seeing right now? After double-checking, triple-checking, and checking again, we came to an incredible discovery…

BOOM! – Phil had a MASSIVE commission waiting and he had no idea!


We had to let him know! From his previous response, it was clear that Phil had no clue as to what awaited him in his account. But then, out of nowhere, a second Christmas Miracle came to pass. We received yet another email from Phil asking us how to reset his password. He did forget!

By now it was clear that something had to be done. We responded with the instructions and eagerly awaited his reply. We were expecting him to come back immediately with a message on how amazed he was at his account balance, but you’ll never guess what he said:

“Awesome, thanks!”

“I will look into that next week :)”

We couldn’t believe it. Phil was still not convinced. If only he knew.

We waited and waited, but still, no response from Phil. We couldn’t handle the excitement, it was almost too much to bear. What’s Phil going to say when he sees his account? Was he expecting this much money? So many questions, yet so little answers.


Meanwhile, in a different part of the world, Phil was going about his business, enjoying his weekend in the sun with his family, not knowing that things are about to change in a very big way. Not even a long stroll along the beach could conjure the thought or even spark a little curiosity as to what awaits in his account.

Monday morning finally came around. As Phil opened his mail, his eyes caught our message with the information on how to reset his password. 

A-StarzPartners-Affiliate-wakes-up-to-€100,000!_-special-image_07 (1)

He remembered that he needs to access his account, and follows the reset instructions to the tee. Not expecting to find much, Phil enters his account, thinking that a few extra cents wouldn’t hurt. It is the festive season, after all.

But to his astonishment… 


His commission balance is over €100,000!

That’s right! Christmas came early for Phil this year. We think it’s safe to say that he’ll be checking his emails from BitStarz in full detail from now on. 

This inspiring true story about this BitStarz affiliate just goes to show how rewarding our BitStarz Affiliate program can be. And with the little work that Phil put in, he managed to earn a massive end-of-year bonus, very unexpectedly.

What’s the moral of the story? Always read your emails from BitStarz! And you can rest assured that your valuable commission is always safe with us. Let’s Dream Big, Win Bigger, together.