$662,513 in Big Wins: Lightning Struck 4 Times on One Slot!

Lightning never strikes twice, huh? Well for one lucky BitStarz player lightning struck not twice, but four times in a storm of big wins in 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot!

We’ve all been there, where we think our luck on a slot has run out when we continue to play it after scoring a sizzling surprise. But this player has debunked the myth of winning big over, and over again, on the same slot, MASSIVELY.

They sat down, at the same slot, four times in a row – and ravaged the reels for four fabulous wins that total $662,513.

You can stick to your favorite slot and win

Yoda is always wise, but not in the case of: “If no mistake you have made, losing you are. A different game you should play.” You don’t need to play a different game after hitting it rich on one… The same game can deliver time and time again.

And these four 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot wins prove this ten-fold. It’s all about having patience, young padawan.

First our winner bagged a $134,008 big win, returned the next day to land $194,004, and half an hour later showed us that the third time’s the charm with another big win of $163,372.

The next morning they returned to their GameArt slot of choice, and landed their fourth whopping win of $171,129 in the same game; 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot.


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Why is 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot so hot?

If this slot wasn’t on your radar, it sure should be now! 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot is a classic fruit-themed slot bursting with flavor and obviously, fortune. And the cherry on top? It’s low volatility and has a 96.29% RTP rating.

If you’re the type to turn your nose up at slots that don’t offer the juiciest bonus rounds, like Free Spins or Hold & Wins, then maybe this will have you reconsidering the power of simplicity…

Because 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot – the big payout game – isn’t filled to the brim with features. It only offers Expanding Wilds, Respins and a Gamble Game, believe it or not. But between these perks, there is loads of room for riches.


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Pull the trigger on the Buy Feature

I don’t know what kind of match this player used to ignite their big-win spark in 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot, but when I play this game, it’s the Buy Feature that is the gift that keeps on giving.

At a cost you can activate it, and Wild Reels will come into play. Landing a Wild symbol on the second reel will reward you with a respin where more Wild Reels can appear to shower you with sweet success and have you burning up those wins in no time.


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Moral of the story: Loyalty could turn you into royalty!

Well not exactly royalty, but you can enjoy the riches of a royal just like our $662,513 winner is doing right now with their combined big wins.

If you find a slot that favors you, stick with it… Even if it gives you the cold shoulder every now and then, because slots are bots, they have no human emotion and are incapable of being malicious.

So if you thought you’re being shirked off since your latest success from the slot you rocked on, then remember, it’s all about the luck of the draw. Lightning can strike in the same place repeatedly. This is a proven fact both in the midst of a storm, and in the slots.