Join the Other 4 as You Learn to Master the Reign of Dragons Slot

Take your first step into the magical world of Dragons and their incredibly charming masters, or shall we say tamers. The Reign of Dragons slot plays out in a world different from anything you have experienced before and with the presence of the four elements – Fire, Air, Water and Earth, you know the reels possess true powers.

The symbols may be cute but don’t forget that you are dealing with fire-breathing dragons and that you need to be fully focused on the task at hand if you are planning on cashing in on the €25,020 max win.

It should come as no surprise that a slot like this includes some epic features eager to show you what they can do. Despite the danger that lies ahead, embrace them and you shall persevere unscathed.

Learn to master the reels and the dragons will follow you anywhere!


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Deep in the Forests Is Where You Will Find Them

We hope we didn’t scare you but we needed to get your full attention as this is a really cool game. Set deep in the enchanted forest, the 5 reels and 20 paylines will bring you a wonderful relaxing atmosphere where the soundtrack and graphics make you forget about anything else that is going on in your life.

The super cute baby dragons and glowing eggs are bringing fun and color to the reels and the only other company they have are their four masters who are the scatters.

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Meet the Masters of Your Free Spins

When two of the masters appear simultaneously on the reels, they will trigger 5 free spins in which their respective powers will be in full force. They all have different ways of dealing with the dragons and knowing what they are will come in handy.

  • Red Master – This girl uses fire to awaken the dragons from the eggs and transform them into wilds. These wilds will replace 2-3 of the lower value symbols.
  • Blue Master – She will synchronize the three middle reels with her power of water.
  • Green Master – Transforms symbols into sticky wilds by growing roots around them to hold them in place.
  • Gold Master – Able to move up to two of her dragons into better positions to maximize your winning potential.

One Tasty Dish

This game plays with such ease and has mixed all the different ingredients of a slot into one tasty dish. Rarely have we wanted to spend this much time with these dangerous creatures but there is something special about them. Perhaps it’s the girls that make us feel safe, knowing they will handle any misbehavior with ease. Nice job, Evoplay!