$691,105 MEGA WIN: The Biggest BitStarz Win of the Year!

It’s not only the slots who call the shots in the big win brigade – a brilliant baller just landed themselves a MEGA $691,105 in one of Evolution’s incredible live game shows… First Person Mega Ball!

This is the third biggest BitStarz win ever, and to celebrate, the Moët has been poured. So raise your glass to this chart-climbing, game-changing, history-making player – we’re putting the booze on their bill.

There’s no doubt our big winner is drunk on luck. And you could be, too, because BitStarz is the place where big wins are flowing!

Let this Mega Ball win sink in

Can we please just take a moment to comprehend what a $691,105 win means? We’re still in awe. In many countries, this makes you a millionaire. Our player has to get all their pants tailored because they’ll definitely need much deeper pockets now.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to bet your way to big business status too? Bingo… Then First Person Mega Ball is for you too.


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It’s the balls that break the bank

Evolution is known for bringing live play to your screen for endless, real-time entertainment and engagement – and is the creator of the utterly unique and exciting First Person Mega Ball.

Expect lottery-style bouncing balls and bingo mechanics in this vibrant live game show, where the aim of the game is to get as many lines per card as you can.

We’ll break it down for you. The dazzling ball drawing machine holds 51 colored balls with numbers on each of them – there’s the bingo bit. What you need to do is set your card value and buy the numbered ball of your choice. You can do this up to 200 times each round.

You’ll then watch with bated breath to see if the balls that are drawn match with the ones on your card – and there’s the lotto bit. The more lines you cover, the more you’ll win!


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Multipliers add to the magic

At the end of each round, a Mega Ball Bonus bonanza could turn your game into solid gold. One or two balls with random multipliers on them will be drawn. And, if one of your winning lines has this bonus ball number in it, then prepare yourself for multiplier magic where your wins will be bolstered by the multiplier bonus.

Like all of Evolution’s First Person games, First Person Mega Ball has the signature ‘Go Live’ button which will take you into the in-game portal and straight into the Mega Ball studio for an immersive game show experience like no other.


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Will you be balling in First Person Mega Ball?

Heck yeah! You’ve seen first-hand what this game show can do… Dish out dough like the bakery is broke.

This game has put one lucky player in the prize position of Third Highest BitStarz Winner! Seriously, $691,105! This is huge, and we wish our brilliant baller who locked in this loot all the best with their big win success.

There you have it – go on and bring home the bucks with First Person Mega Ball at BitStarz!