BitStarz Is Wishing You a Merry Christmas With These Holly Jolly Slots

Tis the season, dear friends. It is time for BitStarz to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. Whether you have been naughty or nice, we love you all. Snow, sun, boring or fun it doesn’t matter as Santa’s sack has presents for everyone.

But, before you serve this years turkey, ham or whatever your carving knife will destroy, here are some festive slots for you to enjoy!

Happiest Christmas Tree

Trees, toys and more toys await in Happiest Christmas Tree slot and the scene is set. Having the perfect tree can make or break Christmas and it’s crazy the size of the go on them. They always have to be the center of attention even if it’s just for a few days. Luckily, the Christmas tree from Habanero is the happiest of them all and being surrounded by toys and happy kids we understand.

The free spins are many but you can also trigger the Prize Pot feature where you can boost your wins by up to x10,000 your coin bet! Now we understand why this particular tree is the happiest.


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Santa’s Village

Now this is a proper Christmas vibe. A warm and cozy cabin, filled with all the decorations, beautiful music and you can actually feel the heat from the open fireplace. Santa’s Village slot sure seems like the place to be for the holidays. There are no uncles getting loud and wasted before lunch and building up the tension before settling a ridiculous dispute with armwrestling. No kids fighting over gifts as one box was bigger than the other. No aunt crying in the corner after a few glasses of vino and revealing secrets from her relationship shambles. It’s just the perfect atmosphere.

When Santa is part of a winning line, watch him head out on his stroll around the village where the bonus features are waiting to be triggered. The graphics are stunning and this truly is an epic Christmas slot!


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Secret Santa

Each year, we are very much looking forward to playing Secret Santa, where everyone has been given that one person to buy a gift for but nobody knows who it is. This game can bring out both tears of happiness and disappointment, which makes it a real thrill. Microgaming is your Secret Santa slot this year and with the feather light snowflakes falling in the background, get ready to fill your belly with both food and fulfilling wins.

The features are as many as the lights in the tree. Wild reels, boosts, free spins and multipliers are all wrapped up neatly and yours for the picking. To top it off, there’s the 5 of a Kind feature where you will replay the winning symbols if they are 5, so just put your arms out and wait for even more presents. Not a bad secret, Santa!


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Merry Christmas

BitStarz wishes you all a wonderful Christmas filled with wonderfully tasting food, drinks, laughter and epic wins. Ho Ho Ho, it’s time for us to go!