Leave a Lasting Legacy Behind Through These Inspirational Slots

We have come across some great slots where an opportunity has presented itself for you to put your stamp on the future and leave your own legacy behind. For many it is the ultimate goal in life while it’s not even on the list for many others. Regardless of which of the categories you fall under, the moment has arrived and these legacy slots may just be the little nudge you need to secure your own.

Legacy of the Wild – Playtech

Sorcerers or magicians. Merlin or Gandalf. The jury is still out on exactly who or what is the focus on the reels of Legacy of the Wild slot and it doesn’t matter. It is oozing with mystical powers and money making features. Collapsing Reels, Wave-O-Meter, Free Spins and the Book of Wilds are all contributing towards the ultimate goal of making you a whole bunch of cash. The trick in this slot is to get as many consecutive wins as possible as this will help you not only with your many wins but also land you extra free spins!


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Legacy – Microgaming

When in doubt, stick to the basics. Microgaming took that to heart and created the Legacy slot. Straight from the floors of any retro casino, this slot brings us back to the days of lucky 7’s and single, double and triple bars. With the sound effects adding even more authenticity to the game, you can almost smell the booze and cigarette smoke that comes with it but there is no denying these oldies but goldies games are full of charm. This slot won’t charm your pants off with its many features but you can definitely get away with some nice wins!


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Legacy of Egypt – Play’n Go

Let’s head out for another adventure in the dry desert heat where the kings and queens of ancient Egypt are out to show off their powers and battle for the treasures. Besides the usual suspects, in the Legacy of Egypt slot you will have the pleasure of meeting Sobek, the God of Crocodiles. This may be one of the most fearful looking Gods you have ever seen, with his evil grin. The guy should be happier considering the fortune he’s made on royalties with the nasty but comfy Crocs shoe empire.

The money is as real as it gets in this slot so kneel and pray for free spins and the Wheel of the Gods should have you well on your way towards an empire of your own!


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Spartans Legacy – GameArt

This is Sparta! Not quite the remarkable studs from the movie 300 but the Spartans were a fighting savvy group of people. Their children were taught how to fight from a very young age which surely wouldn’t go over well in today’s society. Lift a hand a spank a child and you can expect a visit from child services so imagine if you put them in a fight school with lethally sharpened swords. No thank you! Spartans Legacy slot is a much safer way of entertainment where you can count on free spins and scary wins instead of frightening enemies trying to behead you.

You may not have been tough enough to thrive during the Spartan days but you are welcomed with open arms into our own army of Spartan couch potatoes!


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Mission Accomplished

You can consider your legacy left behind! Spartans and Egyptians together with the rest has given us an opportunity to be forever grateful. Considering the epic wins they offer, there is no denying their own legacy. Not that we ever doubted it. Start spinning these reels and make your own mark in the books of history!