BitStarz just released slots from the popular provider Spinomenal!

BitStarz Casino just enabled the popular game provider Spinomenal, which means that over 70 new slot games are available in the casino. The complete range of games at the popular casino now totals around 1,000 games, meaning it shouldn’t be that hard to find your favorite game!

The History of Spinomenal

Spinomenal actually started off in the growing sector of Social Casino, which means casino slots that you play in places such as Facebook and via apps that you download to your tablet or mobile device. As the games were so popular in that particular sphere, the company decided to see how the popularity of the slot translated to the vast real casino market, and a lot of players have discovered how fun the titles are!

With game providers in general, they can be a real hit or miss when it comes to graphics and themes, and the first thing that we’re critical of when it comes to reviewing new games is the first impression, which would include the graphics and the way the reels spin.

We have to admit that we were quite happy to see that the games had the same crisp graphics that you’d expect from NetEnt Slots, with surprisingly good themes and smooth gameplay and they have been extremely popular in just the short period they have been live in the casino!

Dedicated to offering HTML5 Slot

We normally don’t like to go into a lot of technical mumbo jumbo when it comes to explaining the slots, but the HTML5 approach is an important one. Some casinos out there still only make single releases (either mobile and desktop), which is so in the past it’s frustrating.

Imagine playing your favorite slot game at home on your laptop and then having to leave the comfort of your own home and want to do some gambling on the way. Imagine now that you’re not able to play that favorite game because it’s only available on desktop, yeah, we’d be pretty pissed.

The guys at Spinomenal are very aware of this and decided to go the HTML5 approach on all their games, meaning that they’re always available on both desktop and mobile, without exceptions, something that is widely appreciated by players and casino alike.

Spinomenal Casino Slots

When it comes to their popular games, they have a couple of them that really stands out in terms of popularity overall, and at BitStarz, they are also without a doubt the most played ones of the whole Spinomenal Selection.

The most played one of them all is 8 Lucky Charms which has a Japanese theme to it. We can sometimes get a little fed up with all the Asian themed slots as there are so many of them, well, the same thing goes for Egyptian ones, so let’s not discriminate there. But this games is actually really cool across the board.

First of all it has the crisp HD graphics that we’re always looking for in a modern slot machines, and it’s also complete with a nice sound of the reels spinning, which might seem as a minor detail for some, but if you have to listen to it every time you make a spin, you wanna make sure it gives away a genuine feel, that’s for sure. You will also find Wild and Free Spins symbols that have these words nicely incorporated in the symbols with a gold text that shines very nicely, which makes them blend in and stand out at the same time in a very stylish way.

The Tiger Symbol is the Wild Symbol in the game (makes so much sense, right) while the Maneki-Neko cat gives you Free Spins. If you’re not aware, a Maneki-neko cat is those greeting cats that you find on statues with a waving hand in some asian restaurants and in China Town, they’re a lucky symbol in Japanese culture, which makes them perfect to incorporate in a slot machine.

The BitStarz Selection

With the release of Spinomenal, this means that players can enjoy games from 18 different game providers, and have as mentioned almost 1 000 games to choose from. BitStarz are very keen on making sure that every player has something that suits them, regardless of gambling budget or taste, and with almost 1 000 titles in their arsenal, it would be surprising if there wasn’t a game you liked. So why not check out the phenomenal games from Spinomenal today and see if you could be their next big winner?