Wins Are in the Water in Feeding Fury Slot

I can’t be the only one who eagerly awaits Shark Week each and every year. There’s something so fascinating about the prehistoric killing machines. It’s like a car accident that I just can’t look away from. Well, Iron Dog Studio has made a slot out of that feeling called Feeding Fury slot, and it’s fantastic!

There’s blood in the water

In the base game, a shark attack can happen on any random spin. Once it does, the shark wild will move left one space at a time consuming fish as it goes unlocking win multipliers. The slot’s party piece is, however, its Feed or Die feature.


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The appearance of three or more scatter symbols on the reels will trigger a round of the slot’s Feed or Die feature. The number of scatter symbols you use to unlock the feature represents the number of lives you will start with.

Once the Feed or Die feature is triggered, the Collect Shark will pop up in the middle of the reels. The reels will then spin with the possibility of fish appearing. If a fish does appear on the reels, it will be eaten by the shark and add a 1x multiplier to the global multiplier. If you go a spin without a fish appearing on the reels, you will lose a life. Once your lives are all used up, your round will be over. That’s not all, though.


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During the Feed or Die feature, collecting/consuming fish will see you make your way up a progress bar to unlock two extra levels. When you unlock the first level, the 1×1 collector shark will transfer into a 2×2 collector shark and each fish the shark eats will add a 2x multiplier to the global multiplier. The next level will see the collector shark grow to a 3×2 symbol with each fish it consumes adding a 5x multiplier to the global multiplier. Finally, if a hammerhead shark lands on the reels it will be eaten multiplying the entire global multiplier value by two. Didn’t get all that? Play a few spins and test it out – it sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Is Feeding Fury slot forgettable or fantastic?

I may just have found my favorite slot of 2023. Feeding Fury slot’s graphics are nothing special but the dark whimsy of the feeding frenzy that occurs on the reels is just so fun and well put together. This should really be an example to other slot providers that you don’t need triple-A graphics to tell a compelling story. This slot does so much with so little and blows much better-looking slots completely out of the water.

There are some issues, though. The slot has medium to high volatility giving it a balance between consistent small wins and less frequent big wins. I think this is a confusing choice when you consider that the slot’s max win is just €27,170. This is very much the territory of a low to medium volatility games. Nonetheless, with a 5,434x max multiplier you can play close to or at the €0.10 minimum bet and still expect some nice payouts – if it were me this is how I would play this slot. This one has entertainment as its focus and if big wins are your thing, you should probably go elsewhere. The slot has an RTP of 96.11%.

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