Slither Around the Reels for Mega Wins in Snake Arena Slot!

Whether you like snakes or hate them, you can’t deny that they’re pretty powerful creatures. Slithering all around the globe, snakes live everywhere from the northern tips of America to the south of New Zealand. But did you know that snakes are some of the wealthiest creatures around?

If you didn’t know that, then perhaps it’s time for you to slither around the reels and try to scoop up some of the biggest wins you’ve ever seen in Snake Arena slot!

Hiss and Slither Towards Mega Wins

Slither might not be the sexiest of words, but that’s exactly what snakes do, and it’s time for you to become one. Before we get into this, yes, Snake Arena is all about a snake that wants to eat a noble warrior, and that’s ok, because we’re rooting for the snake in the battle to the death. Snake Arena is a 5 reel slot that has 5 rows for you to play on, meaning there are 30 paylines for you to take advantage of.

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Not only is this snake one ferocious hunter, it’s also got some very deep pockets. Snake Arena is a high volatility slot, so don’t expect the bonus rounds to come around too often, but you know when they do, they’ll pay out a ton of cash. For a game with an RTP of 96.25%, the ratio of wins to naked pulls feels pretty good.

RUN! The Snake is On the Loose!

If you hate snakes, your worst nightmare is about to come true. When a snake a knight land on the reels in the same spin, the snake will slither over and eat the knight, triggering free spins mode. Each spin will see a knight land on the reels in a bid to defeat the snake, but few will succeed. Each time the snake swallows a knight, it will grow by one symbol in size, taking up more and more of the play area as the bonus round goes on.

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The snake acts as a wild, so the longer it gets, the bigger your wins will be. Free spins mode will end when the snake has to cross through its own body to get to the knight, effectively tying it up in a knot. The longer you can keep the snake going for the better, as you can max out for wins with a 1,000x multiplier!

Take to the Arena!

Snake Arena truly is an epic game, and we’ve loved playing it for this review. It has all the ingredients to be an award-winning slot and it sure knows how to dish out big wins. The graphics and animations are polished to perfection