Farm for Wins in Wild Yield Slot

Growing plants sounds easy. You drop a seed in the ground, water it every day, and Bob’s your uncle, you get a plant. However, much like going searching for wins on a slot, the reality is a little bit more complicated. You need a solid strategy and a little luck to get those juicy, state-fair-winning wins that you can gobble up!

Learn the ins and outs of farm life in Wild Yield slot from Relax Gaming and start growing wins.

Water, sun, and love

Now that you’ve got your dungarees and watering can, it’s time to start learning how to farm those wins.

During gameplay, weather symbols can appear on the reels awarding one or two wild patterns that transform symbols on the reels into wilds. Additionally, some weather symbols can trigger a supper pattern that will transform as many as ten symbols on the reels into wild symbols. The weather symbols are tornado, rain, lightning, earthquake, frost, and fire, which only appears during a round of free spins.


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The appearance of three or more rainbow-colored flowers on the reels will trigger a round of the slot’s free spins feature. During free spins, weather symbol patterns will be collected and displayed on the global pattern board to the left of the reels. Every time a weather symbol appears on the reels, it will be added to the pattern and the combined global pattern will transform all the corresponding spaces on the reels into wild symbols. If another weather symbol pattern overlaps with the global pattern, the overlapping space will receive a 1x multiplier boost. This gives you a shot at some impressive multiplier wins. Once you have completed your round of free spins, the slot will give you the option to purchase one additional free spin.


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If you’re not keen on watching plants grow, you can select to buy a round of free spins. The slot has a fairly basic buy bonus feature, but you do have the option to select your desired bet per spin and view the resulting price change before making a purchase.

Is Wild Yield slot worth the yard work?

I find scarecrows creepy, a feeling that is not helped when the scarecrow in question is alive. Nonetheless, I can’t argue with how well Wild Yield slot has been brought to life. The graphics and animation are fantastic. I especially enjoyed the small animation details in the background like the sheep grazing on the hill. The slot’s free spins feature is also great offering some really interesting winning opportunities.

Wild Yield slot is stuck with high volatility meaning you’ll have to wait longer than you’d like between wins. However, thanks to the healthy 96.12% RTP and massive max multiplier of 50,000x your winnings, you really don’t need to bet at the max. You can bet below €1 a spin and still expect some big wins. I’m always a fan of slots with big potential multipliers and few have a max multiplier larger than the one featured in Wild Yield slot.

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