Buffalo Canyon Slot is Like Nothing Else You’ve Seen Before

Every now and again you get to experience something completely new, a unique adventure that gives you a fresh appreciation for someone or something. Well, Buffalo Canyon slot from High 5 may just be that for you today.

Slip on those cowboy boots, and let’s head off into the desert for a life-changing experience.

Things are about to get complicated

This one can get a little complicated so hold on to your cowboy boots as I try to explain how megapixel pays work.


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The slot is made up of 2,400 individual dots or pixels. Each spin will reveal different size symbols that may or may not overlap partially or fully with the dot matrix. Any symbol that does will leave behind a pixelated silhouette of colored symbols that will each represent a level.

  • Level 0 (Grey)
  • Level 1 (Dark Blue)
  • Level 2 (Green)
  • Level 3 (Light Blue) – 1 point contributed to the payout
  • Level 4 (Purple) – 3 points contributed to the payout
  • Level 5 (Pink) – 10 points contributed to the payout
  • Level 6 (Orange) – 25 points contributed to the payout
  • Level 7 (Yellow) – 100 points contributed to the payout

If another symbol lands on the reels and overlaps with an already leveled-up symbol, that symbol will be upgraded by two to four levels up to the maximum of seven. If no symbol overlaps an already leveled-up symbol, it will be downgraded by one level.

Then we get point multipliers. Different symbols will carry different point multipliers that will multiply the point contribution for each dot it overlaps. Point multipliers range from 1x to 25x. The largest point multiplier symbols are the buffalo and the opal gem, at least I think it’s an opal.

Finally, we get the win calculation equation. Each win is calculated by the sum of all points from dots overlapped by a symbol divided by 100, rounded down, and then multiplied by the bet multiplier. Anything above 0 is awarded as a win.


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Okay, that’s the basics out of the way. Next, we move on to the bonus game which is triggered by the appearance of three or more diamond symbols that will award 12 to 20 free spins. During free spins, symbols do not get downgraded and will continue to be upgraded until they’re at the max level.

Is Buffalo Canyon slot revolutionary or overly complicated?

Buffalo Canyon slot blew me away. I’ve played 1,000s of slot games, and I’m rarely ever surprised. This one was something I’d never seen before, though. It’s a completely new take on the traditional slot game. Yes, it definitely has a learning curve, and it can be difficult to understand. But the visuals and the gameplay are really fresh, which isn’t something I can often say.

The slot offers a healthy 96% RTP and thanks to the Medium volatility, you won’t have to hang around very long between wins. That max multiplier is a little at just 1,101x, but that’s a small price to pay for this unique slot experience.

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