Let the Shadow of the Panther Power Bet Slot Hear Your Wild Roar

Out of all the big jungle cats, none of them have the mysterious ninja-look of the black panther. Call it a fashionista but there is no denying the level of cool it exudes with its pitch black fur and glowing eyes. Like a hoodie-wearing assassin, it attacks its prey with a relentless force, just the way you should attack the reels of the Shadow of the Panther Power Bet slot by High 5 Games!

With free spins, split symbols and the thrilling Power Bet, these reels are bringing the action and the €119,200 max win is a mouthwatering prey, even for a beast like the black panther.

Head into the jungle and let the world hear you roar as you knock down one big win after another. Honor the legendary panther by filling your pockets full of cash!

To the Beat of the Drums

It’s all going down in a remote part of the dense jungle where the sunlight is able to break through and hit the 5 reels and 30 paylines. Spin the reels to the beat of the drums and line up the symbols the best way possible. The hunter holds the highest value but with a theme like this, the leopard, panther and jaguar all have a say in the outcome with a high value.


Play Now

A €119,200 jungle treasure is a great reason for an adventure like this and with the right combinations, it will be all yours. Considering this is a low volatility game with a 96.50% RTP, expect a nice flow of wins, especially with an €80 per spin bet limit.

Split Symbols for Bigger Wins

You will be happy to know that double symbols are known to be seen in these areas and one of them equals two normal ones. Say for example if you land 5 double jaguars, it would count as if you have landed 10 of them, which can significantly change the size of your win. Nice!

How to Get Free Spins

The free games symbol is the one symbol you want and you need 5 of them to trigger the free spins. It may sound like a challenge but remember that there are double symbols out there as well.

Play Now

When you land 5 of the scatters you will get 5 free spins, but if you can slap on a few more you will get even more spins. The maximum you can get are 15 free spins and you will have to find 8 scatters to get them going, which is a piece of cake for a player like you!

Bring on the Power Bet

We have already mentioned the Power Bet feature but let’s take a quick look at what it means for you. Just below the reels, you can see the symbols you can use for the Power Bet.

Depending on what symbol you choose, activating the feature will cost you 10x, 20x, 30x or 40x your stake. When this is done, your next 30 spins will have an increased chance of winning.

Warning, these Power Bets can lead to some serious wins, so be careful!

Go All In

A jungle adventure is always fun but normally we would recommend that you stay away from the areas where there are predators such as this. However, with the Shadow of the Panther Power Bet slot we encourage you to go all in because they are actually on your side and want nothing less than for you to be victorious.

In other words, we will see you on the reels!