Expect off the Chart Wins in Story of Hercules – Extended Version

Hercules is back with a vengeance and bigger and badder than ever before. If you are an avid casino player, you know we have come across his story before but in the Story of Hercules – Extended Version slot, Mr Muscle himself is bringing both bulkier biceps and roided up wins that would never pass a WADA drug test.

Known for his many adventures, we are about to join him on his latest. Filled with multipliers, a wide variety of free spins and divine payouts, this should be one for the books.

Take No Prisoners

The stage is set for a battle between Hercules himself and his many foes. The lion, eagle, bull and dragon on these reels aren’t the normal run of the mill animals. These guys are absolute beasts and will take no prisoners during their quest for blood. It’s hard to ignore the stunning graphics here, which just adds to the overall experience of the game.


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These Wins Are on Steroid

The fighting takes place across 6 reels and when we mentioned the wins being on steroids, let’s just say that you can walk away with a divine 600x your original stake. This means if you play a max bet of €50 you can scoop up a crazy €30,000 with one simple press of a button. Are you a fan of Hercules now?


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Land of the Free Spins

As expected, the free spins in this game are not the easy peasy kind we are used to. This time around you have 4 different free spin modes in store just for you. As we truly believe free spins are gifts for higher powers, there are 2 ways of getting to them. You could land 3 or more scatters or you can use the buy feature and simply take the shortcut available.

Every time you unlock these freebies, you will be able to follow your progress on the map, unlocking new features and abilities each time. From moving reels and moving wilds, to moving wilds and expanding wilds, you will find new ways of cashing in to the max over and over again. When you have gone through them all, you can pick and choose your favorite next time around.


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We Are Blown Away

Nobody can ever accuse good old Hercules for being boring. The action he brings with each of his adventures is fantastic and the power behind the epic wins in this slot simply blew us away. It seems like extended version means extended wins and we are ready to spin all day with these kinds of payouts. Just in case all his muscles have something to do with it, we are putting ourselves on a push up regime starting now!