How to Double up on the Fun in Double Exposure Blackjack

One of the few Blackjack versions that actually tips the favor slightly towards the players is Double Exposure and because of this very reason it’s somewhat of a rare commodity in our industry. As you are well aware of by now, BitStarz isn’t just any old casino and we pride ourselves in not being like everyone else so of course we offer the game to our players.

Considering the subtle differences from standard Blackjack, it is a good idea to have a look at them before diving in head first, so let’s deal the cards and see what’s up, shall we?

Players Are in Charge

If you are wondering what the reason is for the Double Exposure name, it’s based on the fact that the dealer has to place both his cards face up, compared to the normal one up, one down. This in itself gives the player a bit of an advantage as you will have a better idea of what you are up against and how to play strategically.

Nothing has changed in terms of the goal of reaching the magic number 21, but there are some things that set this game apart from its more famous originator.

1) The player can split any pair, but only once.

2) The player can hit on any total number.

3) The player can choose to stand on any total of 21 or less.

4) The player can double down on a total of 9-11, although rules may vary by casino, where some will allow you to double down at any time.

Because of the face up rule for the dealer, insurance is no longer an option and neither is surrendering.


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How the House Evens the Odds

So are there any rules that favor the house? Yes, to even out the odds a bit, there are some adjustment to be aware of:

1) The dealer has to hit on a “soft” 17, which is a total of 17 that contains two cards, one of which is an ace. The dealer cannot bust at a soft 17, he can only improve his hand or remain at 17, essentially giving him a free card.

2) A payout is based on even money instead of the more common 3-2 odds found in standard blackjack.

3) All ties go to the dealer, meaning you will lose the wager each time you tie or “push” with the dealer.

Even with the above adjustments, the odds merely evens out a little bit and the Double Exposure is still the most player-friendly Blackjack version.


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Your New Favorite Game

Now that you have gotten a bit of an introduction to the game, you can see why it is wildly popular among our players. As some slight variations may exist, it’s always a smart move to do a quick study on the version you chose to play before you start.

Head over to our version of the game and start racking up the wins in your new favorite Blackjack!