Can You Beat Roulette with Wheel a Defect System?

We all want to be big winners when it comes to hitting the casino, and everyone is always looking for new and easy techniques to win. An interesting question we heard recently is “can you beat a roulette wheel by looking for defects?” Now, that piqued our interest and we decided to do some digging, testing and experimenting to find out if it’s actually possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Dominant Disruptors

Disruptors or diamonds are the little diamond shapes towards the top of the wheel that the ball hits before shooting off towards one of the pockets. These disruptors are designed to created even more randomness in every spin, preventing players from being able to predict the next outcome. However, in every manufacturing process there are flaws, and even a 0.1mm difference in height can create one disruptor that gives off a more predictable performance than another. By watching which disruptor the ball hits and how much it bounces after, a well-trained player can quickly work out if the wheel has any bias that he or she can use to their advantage. It’s a system that takes years to practice and perfect, but it’s good enough to help professional players using this system win more frequently.

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Automated Roulette Wheels Cut Edge by Half

Casinos earn more money if you play more rounds of roulette, so they’ve started to employ automated wheels that allow you to bet longer into the spin while dealers handle the cash bets. These wheels use a catapult launch system and a motor slowly reduces the wheel’s spin speed. This motor cuts the players edge by around 50% on any given day, making it much harder to predict an outcome. However, technology means more room for errors, so keep an eye out for any patterns. A worn catapult or misconfigured motor could result in a slightly biased outcome. Still, players will need to watch and pay close attention for dozens of spins before they can pick up on this, but it’s still a lot faster than the casino can by analyzing data!

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So, while professionals with a trained eye can pick up on small defects that increase their chances of winning, it’s very hard for your average player to achieve. It takes years of practice to be able to make this system work, but if you have the time and dedication, it can help you turn a profit. That being said, we think we’re going to stick to easier roulette strategies next time we head to the casino!