Could This be the Best Roulette Strategy Ever?

Roulette strategies come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re always on the lookout for the best strategies to help you win. Now, there are some pretty epic ones out there that are tried and tested, having been around for hundreds of years. This means that it’s not often we stumble upon a new strategy, so buckle up and prepare to learn all about what could be the hottest roulette strategy of the century!

It’s All About Playing the Game According to the Rules

Ok, each and every version of roulette has its own twist on the rules, so let’s see if we can find a way to take advantage of these particular rulesets. For this strategy to work, you need to be playing Lightning Roulette and you need a bankroll of around €60 to fully enjoy this strategy, but you can make it work with less. Lightning Roulette is the same European roulette that we all know and love, but with random multipliers thrown in for good measure. It’s these multipliers that we’re looking to take advantage of. This strategy will work for any roulette that has multipliers for every round, so this strategy can be applied to other games too, not just Lightning Roulette.


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Bet on All of One Color

When it comes to roulette, one of the most popular bets is red or black – it’s that simple. This strategy employs the same bet, but instead of dumping your chips onto the red or black symbol, you instead place one chip on each of the red or black numbers. This then opens up the possibility to land a multiplier and take home a crazy win of 500x your stake. We’ve checked the rulebook, and there are now rules against using this trick, for now at least. You’re going to have to be fast though, you only have a few seconds to place all of the bets, so warm up that finger and get clicking!

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Employ the Martingale on Top

Just like all bets in roulette, this isn’t guaranteed to work on every single spin, so you need to add in another bankroll management strategy to help keep you going. We suggest the Martingayle system, hence why we suggested a bankroll of €60. Place a €0.20 bet on each of the red or black number on wheel, and this should total a bet of around €3.60. A regular win will result in winnings of €6, but you’re after the multipliers more than anything. Keep doubling when you lose, and go back to your original stake until you win again. When you land a multiplier win, remove the additional winnings from your playing money and start over again.


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Wait for the Big Wins

This strategy does require a certain amount of patience to pull off, but if you keep playing long enough, you will eventually strike a lightning win. We’ve seen them come in bouts of twos and threes, so stay strong and keep plodding along until you score a lightning win. Remember there is 500x your stake up for grabs!

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Obviously, you can adjust the suggested stake size to suit your bankroll, we’ve simply used these low stakes as an example. Good luck out there, use this new system to take on the casinos and win some big bucks – it’s time you scored a winner!