Gold Mine Mistress Slot: Talk About Questionable Fantasies!

Gold Mine Mistress slot is basically a game about a bunch of seasoned perverts at a coal miner’s wife cook-off. But in this edition, a dominatrix mistress has been unleashed. Can you just imagine?

These coots probably haven’t had a tail to chance since horses roamed the streets, yet here they find themselves, facing a woman with more curves than a winding canyon road.

Luckily, she’s got a whip to fend them off – talk about questionable fantasies and even more questionable facial hair.

Anyway, let’s see if these old dogs still have some bite left in them, or if they’ll just end up howling at the moon.

Oh, it’s Snow White

Man, Red Tiger, I totally missed that one. Of course, it’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Silly me, where’s my head at?

That answers a lot of questions. Except one, maybe. Why’s she got a whip? Seems I’m not the only one with a warped imagination.

You know what they say, “Get you a man who’s a gold-digger”. Oh wait, that’s not right either.

True to Red Tiger’s edgy style, Gold Mine Mistress slot has sharp graphics, an adventurous gaming experience, and a potent payout of up to $200,000.


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Collect Gold Nuggets

The aim of this 94.68% RTP game is to collect Gold Nuggets, and here’s how…

First off, you’ve got your work shifts, numbered 1 to 8, above the reels. During each spin, or work shift, a Gold Nugget can land on the 3rd reel – which then gets added to the Collection Counter.

On the 8th spin, you’ll summon the Mistress Wild for a guaranteed win, with respins if necessary. She’ll come in differing sizes, with different win multipliers.

But what you really want to do is fill the Collection Counter to nab the 50x for your 8th-spin guaranteed win.


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Poisoned Apple Powers

Gold Mine Mistress slot also has a Free Spins feature to play, although with no Buy Bonus option. This one’s all on you – and the Mistress.

To unlock the mother lode of all bonuses, you’ll need a single Green Apple Scatter to land on the 8th spin. The free games are unlimited, and the Mistress Wild is in play in all her expandible and multiplier glory.

The Apple Scatter dots around the grid from spin to spin, leaving a venomous trail. For as long as you manage to keep the Mistress Wild from landing on the Apple’s position, your free spins will keep going.


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Is There Ever Enough Gold?

Well, if you’re asking a pirate then the answer will be “no”. Same applies if you’re asking this dominant mining queen. But, if you ask me, a win of up to $200,000 is more than enough. Thank yew.

Gold Mine Mistress slot is up there with the bizarre game themes, but it’s all in the fun, isn’t it? And this one packs the heat in that department.

It has a high volatility, which isn’t surprising, given it’s a Red Tiger game – so, if you want something a little more frequent in the gold-giving department, then maybe this one should be put on ice for a bit 🙂