PinkDate’s North American Adventure Comes to an End

One ICO project that was recently issued a cease and desist order in Colorado appears to have gone poof into the ether, leaving investors worried about their investments. PinkDate planned on providing an escort service that used blockchain technology to help record its revenue via dual signature transactions.


SEC Takes on Another ICO…and Loses

BlockVest, a cryptocurrency ICO that aimed to create a “smart economy” on the blockchain, scored a victory over the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week. After much deliberation, a judge threw out a claim that it was selling unregistered securities. The news comes amid a crackdown by the SEC on startups and individuals who promote them, but his defeat might necessitate a review of how they tackle ICOs going forward.


SEC Shifts Focus to Influential Social Media ICO Promoters

Social media ‘influencers’ who used their status to encourage followers to invest in projects, but did not disclose that they were paid to do so, could be next in the crosshairs of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With two cases of illegal celebrity endorsement already under its belt, the SEC seems to be focusing on the famous names within the


Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled Settle with SEC for ICO Promotion

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and music producer DJ Khaled settled charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday for failing to disclose payments they received for ICOs they promoted, with the fraudulent Centra ICO being the primary target. These settlements represent the first such cases for the SEC, who have been


Colorado Still Clamping Down on “Fraudulent” ICOs

Jared Polis is making a huge impact already on the blockchain and crypto scene in Colorado, as the Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has handed out four more cease and desist orders to ICOs. This raises the tally of ICOs issued with cease and desist orders to a whopping 18 this month alone. Polis, with the help of DORA, is cleaning up the states


Sporting Portugal to Launch Own Crypto Via an ICO

Football clubs around the world are starting to join in the crypto revolution. Harunustaspor made football history when it completed the first ever player transfer using Bitcoin. Since then, clubs have gone on to make their own crypto history and the space is only getting more interesting as time passes.


Businessman Gets Five Years in Jail for Scam ICOs

A businessman from Brooklyn, NY is facing up to five years behind bars for running two scam ICOs back in 2017. Maksim Zaslavskiy pled guilty to peddling two scam ICOs to investors, conning them out of thousands of dollars. His first scam ICO was called RECoin and was allegedly backed by real estate listings. In the second scam, Zaslavskiy sold special diamond tokens that were supposedly backed by real diamonds.


Top Ex-footballers Sign up for Soccer Legends Limited ICO

Soccer legends Paul Scholes and Andriy Shevchenko have joined a cryptocurrency project that aims to bring smart contracts to the world of soccer, increasing transparency and efficiency in the sport. Soccer Legends Ltd has ambitious plans to offer fans of the sport a completely different way to experience it, benefiting fans, former players, youth talent, scouts, and clubs through blockchain-based initiatives.



Pure Bit Goes Up in Smoke and Takes 13,000 ETH With it

Unfortunately, another ICO scam has finally burst into flames and exited with a lot of investor money. Pure Bit is a South Korean crypto exchange and it ran an ICO in secret – due to the fact ICOs are illegal in South Korea.

Pure Bit operated anonymously, with its website registered to a fake name and social media accounts accessed by fake profiles.


Colorado Issuing Cease and Desist Orders to Multiple ICOs

Not even a week after blockchain-friendly Jared Polis won the race for governor of Colorado, Gerald Rome – the Colorado Securities Commissioner – has issued cease and desist orders to four companies that are in the midst of an ICO. The Colorado Division of Securities (CDS) has already cracked down on 12 ICOs this year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Polis and his new state are already hard at work cleaning up the blockchain and crypto space ready to prime it for an innovation boom.