Ian Balina’s Rocky Crypto Winter Laid Bare

Ian Balina is back in the news again after his latest project, the Private Mastermind Group (formerly his Patreon group), was mercilessly mocked online due to its eye-watering fees. This comes just three days after The Block published a report on his somewhat shady practices in 2018, as he tried to recoup some of the funds lost after he lost $2.5 million in a hack.


SEC Launches Controversial ICO Advice Guide

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a revised and updated guide to ICOs in a bid to help potential investors stay safe and ICO promoters stay on the right side of securities law.


Hush CEO Éric Charpentier Vanishes After ICO Fails Miserably

Back in 2017, Hush launched itself as the future of banking and wanted to disrupt the current financial industry – much in the way Revolut is currently doing. However, in order to reach its goals, it decided to host an ICO to raise funds. If you have been following the crypto markets, you will know that ICOs have been suffering lately, and Hush’s ICO was no exception.


A WSJ Report Highlights 513 ICOs That are Likely to Be Scams

In a recent report published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), out of 3,291 current ICOs 513 are outright scams or high-risk projects. A team from the WSJ analyzed white papers and websites from all current ICO projects and noticed that 513 of these had either identical whitepapers or heavily planarized whitepapers – a key indicator that an


UAE Set to Launch ICO Regulations by Q3 2019

In a country that is nothing short of being a billionaire’s playground, it comes as no surprise that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is working on launching its own ICO regulations. You can already buy gold bars from vending machines, so why not list your ICO in this metropolis full of people waiting to drop their cash on promising projects.


Substratum Founder Admits to Day Trading ICO Funds

Substratum, the cryptocurrency startup that aims to create a decentralized web browsing experience, is day-trading ICO funds in an attempt to boost their finances, the founder revealed in a video yesterday. In a post that was intended to focus on the upcoming token swap, what grabbed the attention was the activities of Substratum’s full-time trader.


PinkDate’s North American Adventure Comes to an End

One ICO project that was recently issued a cease and desist order in Colorado appears to have gone poof into the ether, leaving investors worried about their investments. PinkDate planned on providing an escort service that used blockchain technology to help record its revenue via dual signature transactions.


SEC Takes on Another ICO…and Loses

BlockVest, a cryptocurrency ICO that aimed to create a “smart economy” on the blockchain, scored a victory over the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week. After much deliberation, a judge threw out a claim that it was selling unregistered securities. The news comes amid a crackdown by the SEC on startups and individuals who promote them, but his defeat might necessitate a review of how they tackle ICOs going forward.


SEC Shifts Focus to Influential Social Media ICO Promoters

Social media ‘influencers’ who used their status to encourage followers to invest in projects, but did not disclose that they were paid to do so, could be next in the crosshairs of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With two cases of illegal celebrity endorsement already under its belt, the SEC seems to be focusing on the famous names within the


Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled Settle with SEC for ICO Promotion

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and music producer DJ Khaled settled charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday for failing to disclose payments they received for ICOs they promoted, with the fraudulent Centra ICO being the primary target. These settlements represent the first such cases for the SEC, who have been